TOTO C100 Washlet Review

The Toto C100 Washlet Review

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A mid-range bidet seat with high-end features.

The TOTO C100’s current price and more photos here.

Learns when to save powerCan't turn off heated seat/water
Unique bowl premisting functionLarge tank reservoir
Price is rightLid is too weak to sit on

First, the basics:

  • This is a bidet seat, so it will be replacing your old toilet seat.
  • It is electric, so you will need access to a power outlet (three pronged).
  • It comes in round and elongated fashions and should fit most toilets. See how these compare here.
  • Comes in white or beige.
  • You will need a phillips-head screwdriver (and possibly a flat-head screwdriver, depending on how your old toilet seat is mounted) for installation.
  • All other installation components are included.
  • The remote control on the side of the unit controls all functions.
  • The nozzle self-cleans and retracts after each use.
  • The water is heated in the seat’s back reservoir (the reason the back of the unit is so big), so doesn’t need to be connected to a hot water line.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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The features:




The TOTO C100 comes packing these features
  • Rear Cleanse
    • Your typical bidet function.
  • Soft Rear Cleanse 
    • Lower pressure version of rear cleanse.
  • Front Cleanse 
    • For females.
  • Oscillating Cleanse 
    • The wand will move back and forth while spraying, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Five Settings for Water Pressure
  • Wand Position Adjustment 
    • So you don’t have to move on the seat as much to get a thorough cleanse.
  • SoftClose Seat and Lid 
    • The lid won’t slam shut, but rather slowly close.
  • Heated Seat with three temperature options (82°F to 97°F or about 28°C to 36°C (79°F or about 26°C when power saver is on))
  • Warm Air Dryer with five temperature options
    • Works much like the hand driers in public restrooms, so you can expect to be posted on the toilet for a while if you plan on your rear being bone-dry.
  • Quick Release Seat for Ease of Cleaning 
    • Flip a switch on the rear and pull the unit off to clean it/underneath it.
  • Self-Cleaning Wand 
    • Cleaned before and after each use.
  • Auto Energy Saver 
    • Controls when the heated seat and water functions are turned on/off.
      • Note that you can’t manually turn these functions OFF,  only the energy saving mode can do that.
  • Seat Sensor 
    • When you sit down, the toilet simultaneously mists the bowl with water to prevent unsightly cling-ons as well as activates the deodorizer.
      • The deodorizer is a charcoal based catalytic converter, according to Toto.  In short, the charcoal (carbon) will absorb most nasty odors.  It might need to be replaced in four or five years if you notice a dip in effectiveness.
  • Water Temperature Control with three options (86°F to 104°F or about 30°C to 40°C)
  • Wand Cleaning Mode




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The Pros:

  • Packed with features.
    • The heated seats and water work very well, as these features are always-on (but are sometimes adjusted by the power saver – look below for additional info on this), so you won’t need to wait or either to warm-up before use.
    • You’re getting many of the same features found in much more expensive bidets.
      • If you don’t need a remote, remote controlled lid/flush or a couple more temperature options for the water and seat, this unit should have you covered.
  • “Learns” when to save power.
    • The power saver will adjust/turn off the heated seat and water functions.
    • Thanks to the brains in the C100, this bidet seat can gauge when the toilet is frequently, seldom, or never used.
      • During periods of infrequent use, (nighttime, early mornings, etc.), the C100 will lower the temperature of the seat and water in its reservoir.
      • During periods where the toilet is never used (think of the times you are typically at work), the C100 will turn off these features completely.
  • Easy installation.
    • If you have a standard toilet, the installation is very simple and can be completed in about 20 minutes.

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The Cons:

  • Some have had issues with there not being enough room to connect the t-fitting to their toilet tank.
    • While only a small number of people experience this, it is worth noting that one of the products most frequently purchased with this bidet seat is an adapter that eliminates this
    • Check out the dimensions on your toilet tank and make sure it can accommodate the t-fitting.
  • Large reservoir tank.
    • Some might not mind, but the reservoir tank is by far, the largest component of this model.
    • It measures about 7.3 in. or 18.8 cm. high.
  • No pulsating/massage cleanse.
  • Can’t turn it off.
    • While the power saver does a great job of reducing power, it is a little frustrating that there isn’t a way to totally turn off the water and seat heaters without unplugging the unit.

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Final Thoughts:

This is a good bidet seat from the company that invented them.  The fact that you can’t turn off  the heating elements can be  irksome in the summer months and the lack of a pulsating wash is disappointing.   However, the C100 has a very nice bowl pre-mist function not found in many other bidets, as well as a robust list of  other features including an effective deodorizer.

This is a solid bidet and I would recommend it for those who like the look, have a low-flow toilet and aren’t specifically looking for a massage function.

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 Poke around here for more photos of the TOTO C100 and its current price.