Best Bidet-Seats Under $300

It’s surprisingly easy to find feature-packed, high-quality bidets for under $300.  Picking which of those are the best though, isn’t so straightforward.

Here are the three best bidets for less than $300

These are the best and the brightest, the star pupils of the affordable luxury world!  So, without further adieu….

Novita Slimline BN-330

The Novita Slimline is a cute little number that punches well above its weight.

Why is it special?

This bidet-seat completely blows many other, more expensive bidet-seats out of the water.

Made for Kohler by Novita in Korea, they’ve somehow managed to provide a tankless water heating system that provides unlimited, instantaneous warm water, a dryer, and a premium, stainless steel nozzle (great for keeping bacteria and viruses at bay, as they have trouble infiltrating the material as it is less porous than plastic) in a compact size and a budget-bidet price.

What about other features?

Feast your eyes on those smooth lines.

The Novita BN-330 also has all of the features you’d expect any quality bidet-seat to have (and a surprise or two for a sub $300 product). There are two nozzles on the stainless steel wand, one for posterior and one for feminine washing.


These are capable of changing positions as well as oscillating and also have adjustable pressure and water temperature settings.  The last nozzle-related characteristic is a turbo function that can really blast you, should the Enterprise encounter some resilient Klingons.

The lid is slow-closing and designed to be strong enough to be sat on (bathroom make-up artists rejoice!).  Not only is the lid strong, but its rear (which houses its electronic components) only rises five inches above the toilet rim – this is truly slim compared to units that heat water in a tank/reservoir system, many coming in at 7 or more inches tall.

Lastly, there is an eco-mode which will save you power/money by lowering the seat and water temps.

Anything lacking?

The Novita is missing a couple features I’d like to see in an updated model somewhere down the line.  A massage/pulsating feature and an auto-wash option (read more about these below in the Aura A7 overview) would fill out the otherwise impressive suite of attributes.

Bottom line.

Go with the Novita if your primary concerns are a slim profile with a strong lid and having enough warm water, as the tankless system is incredible and tough to find for less than $400.

Also, have a gander at our review of the Novita here.

BioBidet Aura A7


BioBidet offers the Aura A7 as its flagship budget-bidet.  This bidet is not only comparatively cheap, but also well thought-out and smartly engineered.

Why is it special?

The A7 Aura's stainless steel nozzle

The stainless steel wand. What a beaut’!

With the Aura A7, BioBidet has tried to differentiate itself from the competition by giving this bidet-seat some seriously smooth lines.

The lid is one single surface instead of being broken up by the electronics/reservoir housing like many other bidet-seats (see how the Novita Slimline’s seat differs above).  It also sports a cool, blue LED side panel that pulses with the water for what is probably the coolest butt cleaning experience in the universe.

The side panel isn’t the only thing that lights up, either.

There is a night light feature that illuminates the bowl with a soothing blue light that acts like a lighthouse in the dark, guiding you towards its heated seat’s warm embrace.

The Aura A7 also boasts two user profile settings.  These save the nozzle position and water pressure for a more streamlined experience.

What about other features?

While it lacks a dryer, it does have a stainless steel wand with two nozzles much like the Novita.

There is also a pulsating massage option that the Novita and SB-110 (below) lack.  This pulsating is quite nice for those who suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids and feels pretty darn therapeutic even for those without any booty problems.

The option to use any wash feature while the nozzle is oscillating is also present in the Aura.

One last wash function that is sadly missing in the Novita is the auto-wash function.  This gives you a grand tour of the bidet’s washing capabilities (and gives an incredibly thorough clean) by giving your first 20 seconds of regular washing, then 20 seconds of oscillating washing and finishes with 20 seconds of pulsating washing.

Eco-mode is also available and works just like that in the Novita.

Anything lacking?

The BioBidet washlet profile.

Contoured lines make the A7 a sleek addition to your bathroom.

The Aura gets edged out in the heating category (compared to the Novita) and in durability.

The Aura A7 uses a tank-heating system, so it has a limited (although almost always sufficient!) amount of warm water for cleaning.  This could potentially be a problem if someone uses the bidet directly after someone else.

The durability issue stems from the lid being quite flimsy – BioBidet provides warnings not to sit on it.  While not a deal-breaker, this could affect some more than others.

Bottom line.

If you want a futuristic-looking toilet that lights up the night and impresses guests, the Aura A7 is your best bet.

The pulsating stream and user profiles are also worthwhile (especially if you have issues with constipation or hemorrhoids.  Seriously, it is wonderful for both).

And finally, head over to our review of the Aura A7 for an even more in-depth look.

SmartBidet SB-110


SmartBidet has entered a new contender into the Battle of the Bidets.

An updated look and some new features make this a worthy heiny hose down device.

Why is it special?

The qualities that most sets the SB-110 apart is its removable/replaceable nozzle cap and its small profile.

The nozzle cap snaps on/off the stainless steel wand which makes for easier and more comprehensive cleaning as well as letting you replace it should you so desire.

A drain feature allows the user to release all the water in the bidet’s tank, which can be useful if you find yourself on an extended leave from home.

Additionally, this is one of the more stalwart posterior polishers – it can support up to 440 pounds!

There’s also a kids’ mode and a very nice air dryer all packed into a seat that’s only an inch taller than the impossibly slim Novita.

An updated and very attractive side-panel control (nice job, SmartBidet!) adorns this wonderful washlet.

What about other features?

A picture of the SB-110's replaceable nozzle cap.

With a replaceable cap, the SB-110 is easier to clean and maintain.

The SB-110 has all the standard features you’d expect on a fully-capable wazoo washer.

There’s a feminine and posterior clean, and a turbo mode (not quite an enema, but useful for those of us with some shag carpet decorating the basement) with an oscillate option for each.

The air dryer has five levels of intensity and the water pressure has five levels, too.

An eco-mode similar to that in the above models rounds off the list of features.

Anything lacking?

The tankless heating of the Novita is missing, as is the pulsating wash of the Aura.  This shouldn’t shatter the relationship you made with the SB-110 in the previous sections, as every other capability of this washlet is stellar.  Perhaps SmartBidet will add these somewhere down the line, as it seems they take customer feedback seriously.

Bottom line.

The SB-110 will appeal to those who want a slim, jack-of-all-trades bidet.

The new look SmartBidet is going for is great, and the drain feature is incredibly useful as well.  Also, if you are a bit larger, the 440 pound limit is wonderful for the added peace of mind.

Finally, get your booty on over to our full review of the SmartBidet SB-110.

I hope you found this guide helpful!  As always, questions and comments are more than welcome.  Happy spraying!