The Best Bidet Attachments

By: Michael Erickson

There is growing competition in the non-electric bidet attachment market.  Of course, this is great news for the potential bidet buyer as it yields a plethora of choices all coming in at reasonable prices.

In this rundown, I’ve found that two factors in particular are the most important in deciding which bidet attachment to choose: the durability of the unit and its appearance.

Most bidet attachments feature very similar features besides the two  mentioned above.  Some swap out one feature for another, but really, most operate in nearly the same way. To cut to the chase, which ones are worth buying and why? Let’s examine three of the best in no particular order.


Luxe Bidet Neo 320

Luxe bidet has made a name for themselves in the bidet attachment arena.  They provide not only very functional, attractive bidets, but they do it with high-quality parts that are meant to last.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Luxe Bidet has incorporated their affinity for long-lasting, durable components into the Neo 320, their highest priced model.

Determining factors

High Quality Parts

The Neo 320 uses “high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal/ceramic cores, a metal t-adapter, and a braided steel cold water hose instead of traditional plastic. The hot water hose is made from a durable polyurethane.”  For anyone who has purchased other bidets with cheaper, plastic parts and has experienced an issue with leaking, this might be one of the best reasons to give any Luxe Bidet model a chance.

Besides Luxe Bidet’s focus on quality, why choose the Neo 320?  A lot of this comes down to geography and personal preference, so take that into consideration.

Other features I love:

  • Lever activated spraying.
    • I prefer a lever to a knob.  Pulling on it makes me feel like I’m initializing the thrust on an intergalactic cruiser.  It’s also a bit easier to manage and operate than a knob, and is a better pick for those with less dexterous hands.
  • Hot water option.
    • This makes winter in a colder climate SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE!
    • Can take a while to heat up, as it uses the same heating as the rest of your household’s water.
      • Tip: run the nozzle cleaning while you wait for the water to heat up (this applies to all the other bidets listed, too!).
  • Blue/white and white/white color options.
    • Depending on the feng shui of your bathroom, one might work better than the other.  Take a look here to see both options.
  • Dual nozzles.
    • A great and needed feature for any women considering a non-electric bidet.  This provides both a rear wash and feminine wash, each with different spray patterns.  The rear wash is more focused and thus has more pressure and can get rid of heavy-duty messes.  The feminine wash nozzle has more holes, less pressure and covers a wider area in a more gentle spray.
    • Both nozzles are cleaned when the nozzle cleaning feature is used.
    • Both nozzles also retract automatically after use.
  • Nozzle splash-guard.
    • A nice feature in all Luxe Bidets.  The splash-guard is like a little door that covers both nozzles and further protects them from any nasty fluids or solids (semi-solids and anything in-between).  This works in tandem with the automatically retracting nozzles to provide you with a very sanitary experience every time.
  • 18 month warranty/30 day satisfaction guarantee.
    • Protect yourself!  Luxe Bidet offers a generous warranty with all of their Neo bidets.
    • The 30 day satisfaction guarantee is great, as some people may find they prefer a different type of bidet, or no bidet at all (shocking, but it happens).  Send it back, no questions asked!

The Neo 320 is a very nice bidet attachment for its modest price.  All these features for less than $100 at most retailers is a steal.  The improvement in your toileting experience as well as the toilet paper saved are well worth the price. If you live in a hot climate, check out the Neo 180 instead.  All the same features minus hot water.

 GenieBidet AB-2000

GenieBidet are a fairly new name in the butt-spraying game, only having started in 2015.  However, they have done a great job of redefining what a bidet attachment can be, in terms of appearance.  Instead of a traditional, somewhat blah-looking control panel, GenieBidet have made innovative design changes to bring you a modern, sexy and functional bidet sprayer.

Determining factors

The look

As I very subtly hinted at above, GenieBidet have made some very exciting advances in non-electric bidet design.  This is so refreshing, as it seems nearly every bidet attachment is a variation on three or four different designs.  Visual appeal is a very important aspect of a product that many people seek out, but has been seemingly ignored in the world of bidet attachments.

Finally, you can get a bidet attachment that will impress your friends eyes as well as their patooties.

Other features I love:

  • Dual nozzles.
    • By turning the knob of the GenieBidet one way or the other, the nozzle for rear or feminine cleaning will deploy.
  • Brass and ceramic valves and connectors.
    • Once again, other bidet companies need to take note: plastic components just aren’t durable enough!
  • Thin enough to reduce the “bidet attachment gap”.
    • Most bidet attachments will create a gap between the seat and toilet rim due to the unit raising the back of the seat up a couple of centimeters.
    • The GenieBidet will, in most cases, still create a gap, but it is smaller than with most others.
  • Self cleaning nozzles.
    • When the nozzles retract, they will be automatically cleaned by being doused in water.
  • One-year warranty.

Now, you might be thinking that this bidet is lacking in features compared to the others, but I’m not including it on this list for its features.  Seeing endless clones of bidet attachments is such a downer and it was invigorating to finally see a company innovate the stale designs that are so commonplace in the market.  GenieBidet not only provides a sultry little product, they provide one that is solidly built and works very well.

Superior Bidet Supreme

Superior Bidet is another company that has, thankfully, focused on using high-quality materials for the manufacture of their products.  Their bidets use metal valves, so you won’t have to worry too much about the internals breaking down over time.

Much like Luxe Bidet, they’ve made and sold numerous models and have gotten lots of feedback, which they are quite good at responding to.

Determining factors

Quality construction

Superior Bidet have done a good job of making reliable, durable bidets with strong components.  The metal valves and strong online presence/customer care and feedback set them ahead of other, comparable brands that didn’t make the list. Their solid bidets also look great, with chrome plated dials and an inoffensive color scheme that should match up with most bathroom’s decor.

Other features I love:

  • Dual nozzles.
    • Once again, a must for female or mixed living situations.  The nozzles are very similar to those in the Neo 320, with a more concentrated blast coming from the rear wash nozzle and a wider, softer wash from the feminine wash nozzle.
    • Manual nozzle cleaning function.
      • Keeps things clean and sanitary for every use.
      • It’s nice to be able to control when and how much you’d like to clean the nozzles.
  • Adjustable nozzle angle.
    • By pulling the nozzle housing forward, you can adjust the angle to three different positions.  This can help you get just the right angle of attack on the rebels of Uranus.
  • One-year warranty

Overall, this bidet attachment is a very good buy for the money and could be seen as a good investment for your bathroom as it should last for years and years.  While it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it gets the job done and has the quality construction to edge out most others in its price range.  If you prefer a dial to a lever, this is comparable to the Neo 320.

Non-electric bidet attachments are starting to become more and more popular as people in North America are starting to accept the bidet as a convenient tool for hygiene and conservation.  I expect this list to change in the coming months as more innovative and attractive bidet attachments (like the GORGEOUS Hyundai Bobslei) start to become bigger sellers and provide a wider test population as to its longevity and function.

Stay tuned!