Aquaus 360 Handheld Bidet For Faucet – Review

Connect directly to your faucet.

Connect directly to your faucet.


☑ Incredibly easy installation.
☑ Can find the perfect water temperature.
☑ Still able to use your sink normally.
☑ Great wand/nozzle operation with ingenious 360 degree thumb control.
☑ Durable components.

☒ Metallic coating easily chips.
☒ Hose and faucet attachment clutter your sink area.

Features: 8.0

Components: 7.5

Usage: 9.2

Misc: Bonus points for ease of installation and niche filling.

Total: 8.4
Bottom Line

The Aquaus 360 Handheld Bidet For Faucets is a clever device that functions very well and can be effortlessly installed and operated by anyone, nearly anywhere, with only your thumb. Fantastic for those who find themselves frequently in hotels. Slightly annoying cosmetic damage can occur and it can be obtrusive for those looking for a permanent home-bidet solution, however, as the hose and faucet attachment take up valuable sink-space.

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Manufactured by RinseWorks, a small Floridian company, the Aquaus 360 Handheld Bidet is a novel and convenient, if somewhat obtrusive handheld bidet (also known as a shattaf).  With the 360 For Faucets, RinseWorks has forgone linking the bidet to the water supply directly via a t-adapter, and opted for connecting right to the faucet in your bathroom’s sink.


The valve that attaches to the sink is sturdy and well-made.

The valve that attaches to the sink is sturdy and well-made.

Rinseworks has put a lot of effort into making their Aquaus 360 line of handheld bidets tick all of the boxes when it comes to affordable dingleberry removers.  First, as previously mentioned, it is easily attached to nearly any threaded sink which has a large  large (15/16) aerator gauge, instead of tapping into the water line directly (if you have a small (13/16) aerator gauge, your local hardware store should have an adapter for you).  This valve can easily switch between feeding your faucet or bidet water – just flip the switch.  This should appeal to those who don’t want to deal with the minor plumbing required to attach a bidet to the water lines.  Also, it is quite a useful feature when it comes to water temperature – just find the right temperature while the valve is supplying the faucet water, then flip that bad boy into bidet mode.

This works very well for those who spend a lot of time in hotels while travelling or in a caretaker role, as the device is easily moved and

attached/removed.  However, I can’t recommend this for most users who desire a permanent bidet solution because, honestly, the line running from the faucet to the bidet is annoying and totally throws my bathroom feng-shui out of alignment.  Fortunately, Rinseworks also makes the Aquaus 360 Handheld Bidet Sprayer For Toilets which connects directly to the water line and avoids the pesky faucet umbilical cord (Quick note, the Aquaus 360 for toilets is great, however, it differs from non-handheld bidets like attachments and bidet seats due to the fact that you MUST shut off the t-valve connection after each use which can be annoying).

The handheld wand is also a wonderful little piece of equipment.  Its most distinctive feature is its 360 degree, thumb-operated water pressure control.  As seen in the image below, the control is a dial that can be either pushed or pulled by your  thumb and works on both sides of the bidet handle.  It can be used from the front and the behind without any annoying adjustments or toying with the device.  It just works.

The standard length of the nozzle is 3″, and should work well for most people.  Thankfully, for those of us that like a longer nozzle, there is a thoughtful 5″ extension tube that can effectively make the nozzle nearly 8″ once attached.  There is also a mounting bracket that hooks into your toilet tank so that the wand can easily be mounted on the outside of the tank.  Weirdly, there have been quite a few reports of this mounting not being quite the right size for the wand and some users needing multiple attempts to get the wand to stay put.


The ceramic valve is very durable and should last for at least 10 years.

The Aquaus uses a few different materials in the construction of this handheld bidet.  The valve which attaches to the faucet is solid brass and feels very sturdy and functions well without leaks.

The metal hose is stainless steel and works as well as you could expect.  Nothing wrong with it.

The wand itself is where things get a  bit more muddied.  RinseWorks says the wand is made from “heavy-duty ABS polymers, a super

strong engineered blend of polymer materials just as strong and durable as stainless steel or brass sprayers, except light weight, corrosion proof and easy to handle.” and features a “Brass valve cartridge with ceramic disk seals with a burst rating of 250 PSI with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years of use.”  Now, I’ve no reason to doubt this, as the wand has shown itself to be extremely durable and the spraying capabilities of the wand work wonderfully.  However, the metallic coating on the wand is quite easy to chip and can very quickly make your lil’ bidet buddy look cheap and crappy (pun, yeaaa boi).  This, coupled with the somewhat insecure mounting bracket is certainly annoying and may make you wish for a full metal construction.


Handy dandy guide on frontal and rear cleansing with the Aquaus.

Handy dandy guide on frontal and rear cleansing with the Aquaus.

Using the Aquaus is a treat.  Being able to have total control over where the sprayer is doing work can feel more satisfying than many bidet seats or attachments where you will need to shift your bum or use a control panel to adjust the water stream.  I’d compare using this handheld bidet versus a traditional bidet seat to driving a manual car versus an automatic.

The pressure is controlled by both the wand as well as your faucet.  Turning the faucet all the way on will give the bidet wand a boost of pressure, while using less pressure from the faucet will do the opposite.  No matter how high the faucet is turned up, the bidet won’t actually start spraying until you turn the dial on the wand itself. Using the dial is very easy; it’s simple to adjust the pressure up or down by manipulating the dial with just your thumb.  Whether you’re cleaning from the front or back, RinseWorks has certainly made a case for the 360 degree control dial.

In most categories the Aquaus 360 For Faucets excels, although the areas in which it doesn’t can be deal breakers. The sink-cluttering effect of this models defining feature – the faucet connection – can be overlooked if you’re using the Aquaus primarily for travel, otherwise, attaching and detaching the device can be annoying (and potentially impossible if you’ve got an emergency poo that just can’t wait).  The easily chipped metallic coating on the wand and the not-quite-right mounting bracket are also annoyances.  Looking past all this and you have a wonderfully functional bidet that could benefit those who travel, are caretakers or are just wary of doing any type of plumbing.