Aqua Nexis Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer – Review


☑ Made from stainless steel and brass - very durable.
☑ Mounts onto toilet easily.
☑ Easy operation.
☑ Easy installation.
☑ Cheap

☒ A bit tough to squeeze between your legs when using it as a bidet.
☒ Not much different than your typical kitchen sprayer.

Features: 6.5

Components: 8.3

Usage: 7.5

Misc: Bonus points for the perfect, sexy spray pattern.

Total: 7.1
Bottom Line

If you want something that is easy to use, can fill multiple bathroom roles, will last a long time and gets the job done reasonably well, the Aqua Nexis may be for you. If you're looking for a great bidet, you may want something more tailored to butt spraying. The Aqua Nexis is a good, durable sprayer, but that's really all that can be said about it as it lacks innovation or specialization.

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The Aqua Nexis Handheld Bidet (or shataff, if you’re so inclined) is the bidet for those if us that want a multi purpose hand sprayer and who don’t want to spend too much of our hard-earned moolah on other poo-pals.  The Aqua Nexis can be had for south of $50 and fills the roll of bidet, diaper sprayer and toilet/sink cleaner.


The aqua nexus includes a bidet sprayer, 4 ft hose, t valve and a sprayer holder

Aqua Nexis’ Handheld Bidet Sprayer might look just like a normal kitchen sink sprayer….and it kinda is.  This ins’t to say it doesn’t have the features to justify hooking this creamy lil guy up to your water supply and letting him live rent-free on your toilet.  First, this sprayer has a really beautiful spray – it’s as if a  Doric column of perfectly aerated water is erupting from the nozzle.  Honestly, it’s gorgeous and feels pretty damn good on the ol’ patoot.  The water pressure can be controlled by the handle on the sprayer as well as the lever on the t-valve (although this is a bit finicky).  The sprayer is also solidly constructed from solid stainless steel (no chrome coating on this guy), but more on that later.

The unit can be attached to your water supply by hooking into the same source your toilet uses to deliver water to the tank.  Installation is incredibly easy and may take as few as three minutes if you’ve invested heavily in your dexterity trait. The included four foot hose is a good length and causes no issues.  The sprayer handle is also functional and will hold the bottom of the handle while allowing you to easily grasp the rest of the sprayer when you’re ready to use it.

The list of features may be short, but the unit does everything it promises.  If you’ve ever wanted a kitchen sprayer with a narrower, more powerful stream attached to your toilet, the Aqua Nexus fits the bill.


Stainless steel, baby!

Stainless steel.  All over.

The four foot hose and sprayer are both solid stainless steel and look/feel extremely durable.  The sprayer feels great in the hand and has a heft to it that lends a feeling of quality to it.  The handle which controls the flow of water also feels great when used.  The inner valve is tough and takes just the right amount of force to open.  Also, there is a satisfying little click of metal on metal when you release the handle and the valve is closed.  Mmmmmm.

The t-valve is another husky fella.  As soon as you pick it up, you can feel that it is solid brass and well built.  A nice, smooth feeling when manipulating the lever seals the deal – it’s a good t-valve.

The sprayer holder is also stainless steel and holds the sprayer admirably.

Overall, this is a very strong unit.


Shelly is enthusiastic about not only her own, but also her friends’ and family’s heinie hygiene. Be like Shelly.

Spraying with the Aqua Nexis is pretty straightforward.  Grasp the handle, point it at whatever needs spraying (diapers, ass, a dirty toilet) and then, simply, spray.  The pressure can be controlled with the amount of force you use to squeeze the handle.  Squeeze more for higher pressure, less for less.  This isn’t quite as easy as some other specialized handheld bidets (like the Aquaus 360 – Check out our review here) but it serves its function as a bidet well.

Now, most people will either clean from the front or back (I have yet to meet someone who swoops in from the side.) and both ways are quite easy, although I personally find coming in from the front to be  more comfortable.  Getting the aim right can be a trick the first few times you use it.  Expect some soaked buns until you get used to the angle that works for you.

The Aqua Nexis is also tagged as a diaper sprayer.  Unfortunately, I’m without diapers that need spraying; however, I’d imagine it’d work very well as far as that’s concerned.  The stream is powerful and well aerated so I wouldn’t imagine there’d be much of an issue with splashback.

The Aqua Nexis Handheld Bidet is a very basic, functional shataff.  It’s easy to use and install.  It cleans well and has a great spray.  It is also well made and seems like a bidet sprayer that will last a long time.  I believe there are other handheld bidets that function better in the bidet category, but this sprayer can take care of a host of other functions very well.  Pick this up if you like the utilitarian look, need something durable and intuitive.