Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat Review

Pledge your vassalage to the new king of sub-$300 bidets.

Check the insanely low price of the Brondell SE600 here.

Oscillation, pulsation, a warm-air dryer and a deodorizer?!

All that in addition to the old stand-bys of heated seats and water – The Brondell Swash SE600 has it all.

Brondell is aggressively trying it’s best to enter the new class of “luxury-budget” bidets. Bidets bristling with features, yet unbelievably cheap for all they offer.

Other notable entries in this class are the wonderful Novita Slimline, the true king of budget friendly bidets (although more than $300), the TOTO C100, and the stalwart lil trooper, the  SmartBidet SB-110.

Big Features, Small Price

The Brondell Swash SE600 is, in my opinion outclassing almsot all other bidets in its price bracket of $200-300.

It does this by bringing features usually reserved for the $350+ clique.

What Brondell has done here is bring two features that were normally a “this or that” scenario in the land of budget bidets, and opted to include both while also not foregoing any of the cleaning functions. Including both the deodorizer and warm air dryer was a big surprise as a good number of bidets in this price range will sport a dryer, however the Brondell Swash SE600 is the first I’ve seen to also include a deodorizer.

Previously, the TOTO C100 was the lowest entry point someone could find both in.

There’s also a night light and a more surprisingly a pulsating cleanse mode which I’m a huge fan of and you just don’t often see in most budget bidets save for those by Bio Bidet who I’ve always admired for that.

Lookin’ Sleek There, Slick

Another area where Brondell consistently shines is their approach to bidet design.  Never too flashy and always appealing.  Brondell have stuck to a clean, modern motif for their bidets, most similar to TOTO who always keeps things muted and sensible.

The SE600 also packs a remote instead of an attached side panel design. This further slims the unit down to help provide that bathroom synergy that makes every excursion to the toilet a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

In the end, this bidet from Brondell is the best you’re going to find for less than $300. 

It heralds the beginning of the  market dominance by the cheaper, better bidets of tomorrow.

Check the insanely low price of the Brondell SE600 here.