Bidet Attachment Reviews

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Astor Fresh Water Spray Review

“This is a very nice unit for the price.  It doesn’t surprise or amaze, but it will clean your bum.  The lack of  warm water and the somewhat cantankerous water pressure turn-dial could be deal breakers for some, however, the Astor Fresh Water Bidet does an admirable job for what it is (and how much it costs).”

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GenieBidet AB-2000 Review

“Buy the GenieBidet toilet seat attachment if your primary concern (besides cleaning your dumper) is appearance.  If you’ve looked at numerous other bidet attachments before arriving here, I’m sure you’ve noticed how they all look like siblings.  The GenieBidet may lack hot water and a manual cleansing function, but it cleans well and looks fabulous.”

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Luxe Bidet Neo 110 Review

“The Neo 110 is a single-nozzle, dial-operated bidet attachment without any other bells or whistles. It simply sprays a solid stream of water at your biscuit factory at a pressure of your choosing.

Luxe Bidet has made this a bidet that could be operated by anyone. Its dial is easy to turn and, and….. well….. that’s it.  That’s all there is to it!”

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Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review

“For the price of an extravagant McDonald’s meal more than the cheapest bidet attachments, you can certainly afford to step up from the bottom rung of bidets to the Luxe Neo 120.  It looks better than cheaper bidets, its internal components are of higher quality and you get a couple extra worthwhile features (nozzle cleaning and a nifty splash-guard).  If you live in a temperate or warm climate (or just don’t mind occasionally chilly water), this is a very nice butt-cleaning companion.”

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Luxe Bidet Neo 185 Review

“Overall, this is a fantastic bidet for anyone looking to make the jump to a two-nozzle system.  Solid-feeling and easy to manipulate controls, a self-rinse feature and dual nozzles that function as expected – Luxe Bidet continues to roll out booty-pleasing bidets.”

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Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Review

“With many shared features of other Luxe Bidet models, the Luxe Neo 320 has built upon a strong foundation.  The lever action and hot water connection easily justify the price of the unit when compared to cheaper models.  Also, what you’re buying with any Luxe Bidet model is solid construction and the support of an established company that takes customer support seriously.  In my opinion, this is the best non-electric bidet attachment you can buy.”

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Superior Bidet Supreme Review

Superior Bidet has done a good job of providing a solid, functional bidet that will squirt you with the best of them.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t do this in an innovative or elegant way which I would expect for its premium price.  I would recommend this bidet for those who like the control panel and color scheme, as everything else is very comparable to other, cheaper bidet attachments.

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