Different Bidet Types for Different Booties and Budgets

You want to clean your butt.  I get it.  Scraping at turds with paper is starting to seem barbaric and you want to know more about bidets and their various versions.

Travel the bidet highway and check out in-depth descriptions of  each of the 5 main types of bidets below.

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  • Travel Bidets

    • Sometimes known as portable bidets.
    • They range in price from $6 to $180, with most worthwhile models being priced around $15-$20.
    • Small enough to fit in purses, backpacks and luggage (make sure your primary bag is large enough, as many portable bidets won’t fit into clutches or mini-purses).
    • Most utilize squeezing a small bottle filled with water to force the liquid out of a smartly angled nozzle to clean your rear as you’re seated on the toilet.
    • Will need to be refilled before each use.
    • May be slightly difficult to use, especially for those with mobility issues.
    • As effective as full-sized bidets once the user is accustomed to handling and aiming the device.
    • Go for this bidet if you often find yourself out and about or if you want to try out a very inexpensive, yet effective bidet before pulling the trigger on a more expensive, non-mobile model.

The Brondell GS-70 and the Blue Bidet BB-20 can clean your rear on the go and are typical of what to expect with travel bidets.

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  • Bidet Attachments

      • These range in price from $18-$200 with most models hovering around $30-$60.
      • Very easy to install, usually with only a screwdriver, wrench and 5-10 minutes required to complete installation.
      • Almost all have a retractable nozzle with self cleaning capabilities. Great for keeping the unit hygienic.
      • Should fit any model of toilet with very few exceptions.
      • All models feature adjustable water pressure and some can also attach to your hot water supply, if it is close enough to the toilet.
      • Are non-electric, feeding directly into your water supply with simple controls.
    • Beware, many models affect the height of the toilet seat and will raise it by a small amount as you can see in the photo to the right.
    • This type of bidet is suitable for anyone looking for a simple, inexpensive bidet without any fancy bells or whistles.  Many people don’t need more than the water spraying function and will be completely satisfied with a bidet attachment.

Some exemplary models are the Astor Fresh Water Bidet and the Luxe Neo 120.

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  • Bidet Seat

    • Bidet seats have the most variable costs, ranging from $70 for a bare bones, non-electric model, all the way up to $1000+ with some models nearing $3000.  Many fantastic electric models can be had for $250-$400.
    • Typically, electric bidet seats are a bit trickier to get a proper fit, with the user needing to know the dimensions of their toilet and needing to know if their bowl is round or elongated.
    • Electric bidet seats have many, many features.  These can include: a bidet (duh), warm or cold water, a small motor to fine-tune water  pressure, heated seats, multiple customized user profiles, ambient sounds to cover unseemly noises and more!
    • Like the bidet attachment, you will need some basic knowledge of using simple tools like a screwdriver and a wrench to install.
    • Electric models will need to be located close to a power outlet.
    • Bidet seats are  in the sweet spot of functionality and price.  They are ideal for anyone who wants to truly bring their toilet into the 21st century, offering so much more than just a jet of water.

Take a look at the SmartBidet SB-110 and the Kohler C3 230 for a nice introduction to bidet seats.

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Stand Alone Bidets

  • With fewer available features, the price of a stand alone bidet won’t range too far.  You can expect to pay from $500-$800.
  • These are the original, old-school bidet (although some now  have modern features like warm water).
  • A stand alone bidet will take up nearly as much space as a regular toilet and will need its own water lines and a drain.  Think of it as a toilet shaped vanity sink.
  • Two varieties of stand alone bidets exist, floor and wall-mounted. They are usually paired with a toilet of the same type.
  • It’s tough to recommend a stand alone bidet for most people, as there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate in many bathrooms.  However, if you have a larger bathroom, a stand alone bidet can add a touch of sophistication and class, despite the lack of comparable features that many electric bidet seats have.

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  • Bidet Toilet Combo

    • The most expensive, but ultimately the absolute pinnacle of bidet quality and features. They range from $1500-$10,000+. The average price is around $3000.
    • Very sleek, modern designs that will totally transform your bathroom and will most likely impress guests.
    • All the features of more expensive bidet seats and some that are impossible for a bidet seat to accomplish, like cleaning the water in the bowl with UV light.
    • Installs just like a regular toilet, but will need access to a power outlet (much like a bidet seat).
    • If you want something to finally end your toilet buying odyssey, a bidet toilet is the right move.  With extremely high quality models at the lower end of the price spectrum, a combo unit is definitely worth saving for, especially if you have no plans to move and are looking for a long-term investment towards making your bathroom extraordinary.

The BioBidet IB835 is an attractive example of how a bidet toilet combo can transform the look of your bathroom.

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Deciding on the perfect bidet first requires deciding what you actually want.  Do you simply want a jet of water smacking your bum or would you prefer a jet that can move on its own and give a lil booty massage?  Can it provide a function only, or does it also have to enhance the look of your bathroom?  Answering these questions will send you down the right path; one that ends in the exquisite, shining glory of having a pristine patootie.

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