BioBidet BB1000 vs. BB2000. A closer look.

Ahhhh, BioBidet.

One of the top contenders in the fight to be recognized as the major player in the battle of the bidets.

Along with the likes of TOTO, Brondell, Novita and others, BioBidet is one of the most prominent manufacturers of bidets – both electric and mechanical – and consistently makes innovative, quality bidets.

Two bidets from BioBidet have left lots of people wondering which one provides the best value: the BB1000 and BB2000.  

See the current price for the BB1000 and BB2000.

Bottom Line Up Front

To save you a smidge of time, I’ll give you the verdict right off the bat:

The BB2000 is a clear winner in every category.  The looks, features and value provided are leagues ahead of the BB1000.

While some of the BB2000’s features aren’t revolutionary, the whole suite is simply a much better package than what you’d get with the BB1000.

Unless you’re truly strapped for cash and have a surprising fondness for the appearance of the BB1000, the BB2000 is definitely the way to go.

Read on to see for yourself how we’ve come to this conclusion.

Major Differences

To make the arduous task of selecting the proper poop-chute shiner a bit more bearable, we’ll start off with the major differences between these titans of tush cleaning.

The Look

The BB1000’s remote (top) looks like an outdated relic compared with the BB2000’s refined lines (bottom).


In my opinion, BioBidet have really missed the mark with the BB1000.

It has been compared to a “medical device fit for a retirement home” and honestly, I agree.

It’s big, bulky, sterile-looking (in a repulsive, hospital kinda way) and so far from sexy that giving it an Ed Hardy sleeveless T-shirt and slathering it in hair gel couldn’t make it look worse.

Even the remote for the BB2000 (you can choose either black  or white) looks sleeker and more modern.

The BB2000 however, while not a feast for the eyes, is much more pleasant to behold. 

With some nice curves and a slimmer profile due to its lack of a water heating reservoir, the BB2000 is a bidet seat fit for most toilets.

Instantaneous Heating

Besides the look (and majorly contributing it) of the two bidets, the second major difference between them is the BB2000’s instantaneous heating system versus the BB1000’s reservoir heating system.

When it comes to actually using these two systems, you probably won’t notice much of a difference.

The BB1000 has ample water to clean your rear – unless you expect multiple people to be using the seat in quick succession.  In that case, the latter users may get the shaft as whoever got in there first has most likely used a good deal of the warm water already.

The BB2000 doesn’t encounter this problem as its water is heated instantly and continuously.  Feel euphoric as infinite amounts of warm water caress your ass.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

The BB2000’s stainless steel nozzle is easier to clean and more hygienic.

The BB2000 has a stainless steel nozzle and the BB1000 does not.

In my opinion, a stainless steel nozzle is a feature that any bidet I’m going to buy should have.

Stainless steel is more durable, looks better, is easier to clean and is a more hostile environment for bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hydro Flush

Cleaning from the inside out, BioBidet claims the BB2000 offers superior hygiene, although the jury is still out on if that’s entirely true.

The BB2000 has this feature, the BB1000 does not.  What it is refers to the way the nozzle of the BB2000 is cleaned by blasting water through the nozzle from the inside-out to more thoroughly sterilize it.

This is opposed to the way most other bidets simply run water over the outside of the nozzle to remove any nasty lil-bits that may have found their way onto the nozz.

Now, whether this is actually going to increase the cleanliness of your dump sessions is still up for debate as other bidets without this feature have been sufficiently cleaning asses for many many years without issue.

The bottom line on this feature is: if it makes you feel more comfortable knowing the inside of the nozzle can be cleaned at will, BioBidet’s Hydro Flush feature may be worth it for you.

Belted Nozzle Cleaning

The motorized nozzles on the BB2000 are able to move more precisely and more quickly than other bidet nozzles.

Basically, this means they can quickly shimmy in and out as the outside is being cleaned with water to more throughly remove anything on the outside of the nozzle.

The motor operated nozzle is also able to be more precisely adjusted than other nozzles, although how much this is going to affect your morning session is up for you to decide.

Most bidets have several positions for the wand/nozzle to allow for a customized fit for each user.  BioBidet’s motorized nozzle technology on the BB2000 allows for much smaller and more precise adjustments.

If you are unable to shimmy your rear a little bit to accommodate one of the BB1000’s preset nozzle positions, the infinitely adjustable BB2000 may be the bidet seat for you.

Night Light

Cool enough to impress any guest.

This is one of the coolest features of the BB2000.  Its cool, blue nightlight illuminates a small control panel on the side of the bidet for easy use even in the darkest, windowless bathrooms.

While it may not seem like a game-changer, a night light really makes your bathroom seem more modern as it is bathed in a calming blue light.

Not only is this useful for your late-night sessions, it’s probably the single most impressive feature for guests who haven’t experienced anything outside of a vanilla toilet.



At the end of the day, it should be obvious to most that the BB2000 is ultimately the better bidet.

As a bidet is a serious investment of money, you really shouldn’t settle for something unless you’re completely satisfied with the features provided.

If all you want is a bum-gun, there are plenty of other, cheaper bidets that fit the bill. Head on over to our reviews of the TOTO C100 and the Novita Slimline for our favorite budget bidets.

If you’re looking for a premium bidet, the BB2000 is a decent offering from BioBidet.

Also, take a peek at our favorite bidets from last year.

Christmas Gifting: Why a Bidet Makes Sense

Hearing Bing Crosby croon how he’s dreaming of a white Christmas, I am immediately sure the white he’s talking about isn’t toilet paper.

In fact, many music historians agree, it’s most likely the white porcelain throne and the missing bidet that he’s longing for with all his heart.


I know people get annoyed at society at large for dragging the Christmas decorations out earlier and  earlier, radio stations starting 24/7 broadcasts of the halcyon songs of Yuletides past and malls and shopping centers opting to marginalize – or skip over completely – Thanksgiving in favor of its more lucrative holiday competitor.

There is, however, no point too early to start considering your budget when it comes to gift giving.  Seriously, You Need a Budget.

How could a bidet possibly justify itself as a gift?  What will your friends, family or colleagues think upon shredding the festive wrapping paper to find a posterior polisher inside?

This article aims to answer those questions as well as to give some bidet suggestions for those tough to buy for.

Here are the reasons a bidet makes a perfect, unforgettable gift.


  • Yes, bidets have become extremely afforda

    The Luxe Bidet 320. Best bidet attachment out there and sure to warm the hearts and asses of any and all who receive one this holiday season.

    ble.  For those on a strict budget, you can snag a very inexpensive, effective and easy to install bidet attachment.

    • Bidet attachments that I would recommend range from $25~$80
    • For the lowest possible price, choose the Astor Bidet Attachment or the Chrider Bidet with self cleaning function.
    • For looks, take a gander at the GenieBidet or the Tushy.
    • And if you want the absolute best bidet attachment for your peeps, the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is what you should be getting.  It packs hot and cold water, a lovely lever control as well as feminine and rear cleansing options.

Check our ever growing list of bidet attachment reviews HERE!  Includes all but the Chrider Bidet, which we’re currently working on.

  • For those with a bit more leeway when it comes to your gifting budget, an entry level electric bidet will completely blow your recipients’ minds.  
    • For the absolute most inexpensive yet badass electric bidet, pick up the SmartBidet SB-1000 which includes a remote.
    • Looks-wise, the Novita Slimline is so sexy, you might get suspicious if someone takes a little extra time to use it….
    • The best entry level bidet seat is the TOTO C100  It has everything you’d want in a bidet seat…..AND MORE.  Really, check it out.

The recipient will actually use this thing!

Yes, we all know there’s nothing better than giving a gift that actually gets used and is appreciated.  From food and alcohol (seriously, just get me some whisky or beef jerky and I’ll love you forever) to external hard-drives and TVs – useful gifts rule.

You will feel so absolutely giddy hearing your giftees talk about how freaking astonishing using their new gift has been.  While you might not like all the details and information about their usage that they give you, just grin and bear it, as you can rest easy knowing you’ve changed a life or two.

Bidets are not only useful, they’re an investment.  The savings in toilet paper is fantastic as are the savings in time and aggravation.  Gone are experiences like this:

Also, as an added bonus, offer your hand at installation (give them time to make sure their toilet is clean first, don’t want to embarrass anyone), especially if the person you’re giving it to is a chronic procrastinator or isn’t confident in their plumbing ability.

It’s unique!

This probably should have been first on the list, but jeez-louise, who would ever predict a bidet to be inside the lovely, wrapped box?

The look on the face of your loved-one might be worth the price of admission alone!

Sure, they may seem shocked at first, but rest assured, as you go on to explain the benefits of a bidet and once they start imagining themselves using it – it’s game over, they’re going to be infatuated already.

People love upgrades, especially to their home.  The bidet is a perfect way for someone you hold dear to do that.

A bidet is more than an ass-sprayer, it’s a way to say “I love you”. <3

Which Bidet Seat / Washlet is the Best in 2018?


2017 has faded into yesteryear and we are finally warming up into the spring of 2018, but many of last year’s best bidets are still just that… The best bidets.

Take a look at what reigned supreme last year in these two categories:

Best Overall 

Best Bang For Your Buck.

Best Bidets 2018

These bidets are the premium, no holds barred whizzes that will vie with your children and pets for attention.  These beasts not only tickle the fancies of premium gadget-lovers, but also those who have an affinity for strong construction and high quality materials.

Brondell Swash 1400

First things first, who is this bidet for?

This bidet suits couples and families who are willing to spend a fair amount for a durable, attractive bidet that should last many many years.
It covers all the bases when it comes to multi-user usage – a rear and (improved from the Swash 1000) feminine wand as well as an auto wash and dry mode that is great for kids.
This bidet is also perfect for those who simply want the best, no matter the expense.  Brondell is a very well regarded company and this is their flagship bidet seat that compromises on very little.


Brondell has been in the Game of Bidets since 2003 and has consistently been one of the top manufacturers of washlets in the United States.  With their new Swash 1400 bidet seat, Brondell have proven why they are held in such high regard among us bidetophiles (there are dozens of us!).

The Brondell Swash 1400 washlet bidet seat comes in two colors, white and biscuit.

Biscuit on the left, white on the right.

Designed with North American toilets in mind, the Swash 1400 should fit nearly any elongated or round toilet in the USA in terms of size, shape and color (it comes in both white and an off-white cutely labeled as ‘biscuit’).

Its smooth, contoured lines help the 1400 beautifully pair with any toilet and any bathroom.

In addition, the power cord and hose can be hidden away in a compartment in the rear of the seat, which will keep your bathroom from looking like the elastic jungle in Nickelodeon’s GUTS.

Along with its extremely sexy looks, the Swash 1400 packs an incredible features list that has nearly everything a bidet seat could possibly have.

It sports: 

Two stainless steel wands (for both posterior and feminine cleansing) that resist corrosion, bacteria and virus contamination.

The Swash 1400 has a blue night light feature that illuminates the bowl at night.

Adjustable spray width that allows a concentrated stream for those extra clingy peanut butter episodes to a much wider spray for gentle cleaning of a larger area and also a setting between the two for that Goldilocks in the family.  This is a very impressive feature and a remarkable piece of engineering.

An easily replaceable and surprisingly effective deodorizer whisk the smells of last night’s digested lasagna through an activated carbon filter, providing astoundingly breathable air.  This is a major upgrade from the older Swash 1000 model which didn’t allow for user replacement of the filter.

A warm air dryer for a completely hands-off, butt-cleaning experience.

A blue night light to help you find the pot in the middle of the night.

Programmable settings for up to two users to eliminate having to adjust the settings to your liking after Uncle John messed them all up when he had his morning BM. There is also an “auto” mode which will run through a full cleaning and drying cycle so anyone can easily experience the splendor of a completely clean tooter.

Remote control and magnetic docking station keeps your remote control easily accessible.

Ceramic core heating system allows for instant and unlimited warm/hot water.  This system is remarkably effective and outclasses most other on-demand heating systems available from other brands.

The only gripe I have with this bidet seat is the lack of a pulsating spray feature (great for relief of constipation).

All in all, this bidet sets the bar at a lofty height and ticks nearly all the boxes any great bidet should be striving to fill.  It’s built with quality materials and sounds construction, the features are all useful and lastly, it looks absolutely fantastic on any toilet.


TOTO Washlet S350e

First things first, who is this bidet for?

This is the perfect bidet for those who want a more automated, smart-toilet experience.  Features such as the auto open/close lid and the ewater+ bowl misting (essentially cleans your toilet bowl periodically throughout the day) truly project the feeling of living in the future.
The S350 is absolutely packed to the rim with technology fit to impress Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  It is truly the Tesla of Toilets.
Much like the Brondell, the S350 suits multiple user households, however it isn’t quite as child friendly as the Brondell with no auto wash/dry cycle button.  If you have young children and want them initiated into the Bidet Club, then the  S350 might make it a smidge more difficult.
Once again, this bidet is for those who want the absolute best in class when it comes to bidets.  The TOTO S350 even outclasses the Brondell in the sheer volume of features.  Read on and decide for yourself if they’re worth it.
The TOTO S350 is 3.9 inches in height.

It’s just so slim!


TOTO is probably the name most people think of when electronic bidet seats or washlets are mentioned.  As a matter of fact, TOTO coined the term “washlet” in 1980 and has sold 30 million of them since.

Unlike the Brondell Swash 1400, the TOTO S350 hasn’t been designed with the North American bathroom in mind.

However, don’t let that deter you, as toilet sizes/shapes as well as connections are pretty universal and the S350 is available in both round and elongated versions (the “e” in the S350e stands for the elongated version).

This washlet is slim and somehow houses all of its tricks inside a shell only 3.9 inches high.

While (in my opinion) not as stylish as the Brondell, the TOTO does just as good of a job at keeping your bathroom looking neat and tidy, with both water and electric attachments coming from the right side of the washlet, allowing for easy cable management.

Now, on to the MASSIVE features list.  Hold onto yer butts.

It sports: 

One adjustable plastic wand which may seem like a huge step down from the Brondell’s two stainless steel nozzles (which I prefer), but TOTO’s inclusion of an advanced water electrolysis system makes up for it (more on that, later!).

The soft exterior night-light is visible on the left side of the unit.

The soft exterior night-light is visible on the left side of the unit.

ewater+ water electrolysis system creates electrolysed water which, according to Wikipedia is “a known cleanser and disinfectant / sanitizer.”  This water is used to spray both your bowl and the plastic nozzle, cleaning much more effectively than standard tap water.

Automatic open/close lid will allow for a completely hands-free experience and is just pretty damn futuristic when you actually experience it.  It’s as if the toilet has been waiting excitedly for you to mount and make your daily doody deposit.  For those of us that pee whilst standing, a button on the top of the remote can also raise the seat.

Wider “Soft Rear Cleanse” option which widens the spray to provide a less direct, more soothing spray for sensitive heinies.

A night light built into the side of the toilet will illuminate the area to the left of the toilet as well as the bowl, like the Brondell.  The soft light on the side is actually quite useful and gives the TOTO the edge over the Swash 1400 in this category.

Programmable settings for up to two users – just like the Brondell.

Remote control which features a very basic (in a good way) front panel with the most frequently used options – front and rear cleanse, dryer and the stop button.  On the sides are buttons to control the pressure, wand position and to toggle the oscillating and pulsating features.  The back of the remote has a somewhat old-school LCD panel for controlling temperature (water and dryer), adjusting the lighting options and creating user profiles.

The front and back of the TOTO S350 remoteThe deodorizer will keep your bathroom smelling less crappy.  While not quite as effective as the Brondell’s, you don’t need to replace it as often and can simply clean the filter occasionally.

On demand hot water much like the Brondell.  Water is not stored and heated in a reservoir, but instantly heated as it passes from your water supply, through the unit to bathe your bum in perfectly warm water every time you use it.

Bowl premist uses the ewater+ to mist the bowl when you sit down to grease up the bowl to prevent unsightly poo-stains.  The unit also sprays after each use and intermittently throughout the day to keep it noticeably cleaner.  This is about as close as you’re going to get to a mini Roomba (Poomba, anyone?) that cleans your toilet bowl.

A warm air dryer.  Does what is says…eventually.  Like most bidet seats, the dryer is essentially a slightly better bathroom hand dryer, so don’t expect a bone-dry ass in fewer than two or three minutes.

With every conceivable feature packed into one of the smallest electric bidets on the market, the only issue with the TOTO S350 is it’s price.  If that doesn’t bother you and you’re in the market for an electric bidet seat, then you better hurry up and buy this thing because you will certainly get what you paid for.

Best Budget Bidets 2018

These are the Honda Civics of bidets.  They balance price to performance by sacrificing some of the bells and whistles of their more expensive counterparts.  For most users, you probably won’t need more than what these wonderful bidets have to offer.

Novita Slimline BN-330

First things first, who is this bidet for?

This bidet seat packs many of the features of more pricey models (including on-demand heated water!!!) for less than half the price.  It’s also quite attractive for its price point as well as slim (who woulda guessed with a name like that).
The major missing feature here would be a deodorizer, so, if that doesn’t bug you and you simply want a bidet that cleans your ass and cleans it well, consider the Novita Slimline.

Novita Slimline Bidet


Novita is a a subsidiary of Kohler, whom you may have heard of.  Novita is one of South Korea’s leading bidet manufacturers and has a long and established track record dating back to its founding in 1984.

With the Slimline BN-330, Novita has really taken their engineering to another level and have been able to inexpensively create an electric bidet seat which has a very small form factor and includes nearly all the key features of much more expensive bidets.

Lacking a remote (the bidet is controlled with an attached side panel, instead) and a deodorizer, this bidet has cut a few corners to bring you the best butt-blasting experience for a bargain price.

Read on to see what features you get with the Novita Slimline.

It sports: 

Two stainless steel wands is an impressive package for a bargain bidet to come packing.  Seperate nozzles for rear and frontal cleansing make sure that each area gets that nice does of TLC that it deserves.

Instantaneous heating system provides warm water on demand and doesn’t ever run out, unlike a reservoir system which might come up short in multi-user households.  I feel like it is worth noting that most other bidets in this price range feature a tank-reservoir system and Novita is really giving users a wonderful feature for such a low cost.

A warm air dryer is another nice feature that many budget-friendly bidets lack.  Although, as always, don’t expect it to blow you away and prepare to wait a little while if you want a truly TP-less experience.

Strong, sit-able lid gives peace-of-mind to those who often find themselves seated on the lid applying those final touches of makeup, drying their hair or whatever else.

Oscillation and aeration make for a very pleasant cleaning experience.  The oscillating nozzles can cover a larger area and more easily provide that spotless butt that we’ve all been seeking.  The aerated water gives the stream a more gentle feeling with less splash and splatter.

Feast your eyes on those smooth lines.

For what it costs, the Novita Slimline provides such a huge value that it’s almost impossible for a beginner bidet-er to pass up.  The instantaneous hot water and the Novita’s striking appearance are the two best features and are already close to covering the cost of admission. Don’t forget to check out our full review of the Novita Slimline!

TOTO Washlet C100

First things first, who is this bidet for?


Oh boy, this bidet is for almost anyone.
Really, this thing is just great and is a legend in the world of bidets.
Get this bidet if you want all the features of a much more expensive bidet minus instantaneous heating.  If you live in a house where multiple people use the toilet in quick succession, then the tank-heating might be an issue, but if you have a small number of people in your home, then this bidet could fulfill all your wildest toilet fantasies.

The TOTO C100 with attached panel control.


Once again, TOTO brings another titan into the neverending battle of the bidets.  With all its years of experience designing and manufacturing bidets, TOTO has been able to somehow slip so many features into this bad boy that it’ll blow your freaking mind.

Containing everything but instantaneous water heating, the TOTO C100 gives other bidets in higher price ranges a serious run for their money.

This is another remote-less bidet seat, opting instead for a connected side panel.  This might turn a few people off, but in all honesty, I really like  the look of it on this TOTO.

It really makes you feel like you’re in a futuristic Tokyo restroom taking the best dump of your life.

Here are all the features this jack-of-all-trades bidet dude brings to the table.

It sports: 

One plastic wand nozzle which can clean both front and rear areas effectively due to its multiple nozzles.

Tank-reservoir heating system utilizes a large tank to hold and heat water – even when you aren’t using the toilet – so that you will, in most cases, have a decent supply of warm water ready to go.

In special circumstances (house-wide food poisoning, anyone?) where there is a mad run on the bathroom, the tank might deplete it’s warm water supply under heavy use.

In this case, you might have to deal with some lukewarm or even chilly water.  Barring acts of God like that, however, the C100 should have sufficient hot water. 

A warm air dryer is packed into the rear of the seat and does just as well as more expensive bidets at completely drying you off sometime before your 100th birthday.

A deodorizer has also found a home in the C100.  Somehow, the brains at TOTO found a way to squash both a dryer and deodorizer into this absurdly cheap bidet.

Premist bowl-spraying just like its more expensive siblings.  The premist does a surprisingly good job of keeping the toilet clean and I think it’s a very worthwhile feature.

Oscillating cleanse.  Like nearly all bidet seats, the TOTO C100 has an oscillating cleaning function to sweep the area with water to fully blast any and all nooks and crannies where turds may be trying to hide.

Toto C100 Washlet


With high-end features like a dryer, deodorizer and a pre-mist function, the TOTO C100 clearly punches well above its weight.  Once again, the only thing holding it back is the lack of an on-demand water heating system, but that shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. Read our TOTO C100 Review and our TOTO C100 vs. the TOTO C200 Head to Head.

All in all, there are many many bidets out there, and they’re all competing for your hard earned cash.  I hope this guide will help you narrow down your choices to the electric bidets that I believe outrank the rest in their respective categories.  Hopefully now you have a bit more confidence in selecting a bidet so that you can ditch the TP and toilet seat and start pooping like a king.

As always, comments are very appreciated.  Any bidet you’d like to see reviewed or do you think a different bidet should occupy one of these spots?

Let me know, I’d love to heard from you.

Cheers, and happy bidet-ing.

If you’re more interested in bidet attachments, come see our list of the best of the bunch.

TOTO C100 vs TOTO C200 – Head to Head

TOTO C100 v TOTO C200

Let’s get right to the good stuff with a chart which easily highlights the changes between the two bidets.

You can also jump to a hefty analysis of each bidet here:



Rear Cleanse
Soft Rear Cleanse
Front Cleanse
Oscillating Cleanse
Pulsating Cleanse
Water Temp. Settings53
Water Pressure Settings55
Adjustable Wand Position
Air Purifier/Deodorizer
Air Dryer
Air Temperature Control Settings53
Heated Seat
Heated Seat Temperature Controls53
Slowly Closing Seat/Lid
Seat Sensor
RemoteWall mountable/detached remote controlAttached side panel
Removable Lid
Wand Cleaning Mode
Self Cleaning Wand

If you’re anything like me, one of the first bidet brands you came across was the grandfather of bidets – TOTO, from Japan (electronic bidet seats are commonly referred to as washlets in Japan and elsewhere – after TOTO coined the term).

Likewise, you probably stumbled upon two of their most popular models, the TOTO C100 and the TOTO C200 and wondered how they compare.

This post is going to dive into the chamber of the TOTOs and find out what makes each one tick, and how they differ.  I’ll also lay out a guide so you can easily choose which TOTO to give the honor of cleaning your bum to.

The Contenders

The TOTO C100 with attached panel control.

The TOTO C100 with attached panel control.

The TOTO C100 (see current price HERE)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the battle of the bidets!  Our first contestant hails from Japan.  The TOTO C100 is TOTO’s most popular model.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, this heavyweight turd-basher brings out the best of Japanese engineering with its feature list and streamlined shape.

The C100 packs as many features into its frame as an international drug smuggler packs narcotics into their heinie.

  • Premist spray – readies the bowl for the deluge of turd it’s about to receive by automatically spraying a fine mist on the inside of the bowl as soon as you sit down..  This will keep those pesky lil’ Klingons from taking up residence on the inside of the bowl.
  • Adjustable front and rear cleansing – Adjust the position of the cleaning wand to effectively squirt where squirting is needed.  Rear for all, front for feminine cleansing.
  • Oscillating stream – The wand will move back and forth while spraying.  For both rear and frontal cleansing, enable the oscillating function to clean a wider area and weed out the fugitive poo that is hiding just out of reach.
  • Three water temperature settings – Never gets TOO hot, so no worries there.
  • Three heated seat temperature settings – Like the water, none of the settings are uncomfortable, so find the setting that’s right for you.
  • Air dryer (three temp. settings) – A slow, but functional dryer for those of us with a bit of patience.
  • Deodorizer – Automatically engages a fan when you sit down which pulls the air from inside the bowl (the foulest of air, ew) through an activated carbon filter to remove the nasty shit-stench

All of these functions are accessible on a side-panel control which is attached to the right side of the bidet (as you’re sitting on it).  This can work to its advantage as the control panel is attached to the bidet, and therefore, can never get lost OR run out of batteries.

The TOTO C200 with remote control operation.

The TOTO C200 with remote control operation.

The TOTO C200 (see current price HERE)

Our second contestant also hails from the land of the rising sun (duh).  The C100’s younger brother, the C200 is out for blood after being relentlessly bullied from elementary to high school by his older sibling.
Sporting a more streamlined look
, this 15 pound bruiser is looking to oust the reigning champ.

In addition to all the features the C100 has, the C200 has a few more tricks up its nozzle.

  • Pulsating spray – The biggest bonus function the C200 has is the pulsating spray.  This can be used with frontal and rear cleaning.  This mode is great for those suffering from constipation, as the massaging sensation can loosen up your trap door and help them logs slide right on out.
  • Five water temperature settings – That’s right folks, FIVE.  Finding that none of the three temps offered by the C100 are quite right?  Ok, Goldilocks, I suggest you take a seat on the C200 and see if that doesn’t tickle your fancy.  Note: Both models feature a highest temperature setting of 104 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the C200 offers a lower lowest temperature setting at 86 degrees Fahrenheit while the C100’s temps start at 95 degrees.
  • Five heated seat temperature settings – Yep, more seat heats as well!  The C200 offers a maximum temperature of 97 degrees whereas the C100’s maximum temp is 95 degrees.  Both have a minimum temp of 82 degrees.
  • Five dryer temperature settings – Ok, ok, ok.  This must be getting boring, but it’s worth mentioning.  Five is more then three!  More customization is always welcome. The temperatures are the same, but the C200 offers more increments from the minimum 104 to maximum 140 degrees.

All these functions are controlled by a separate remote control that can be mounted on the wall in the included holder.  Perhaps the biggest difference between these two bidet-seats, a remote control offers the bidet a more streamlined look, as well as offering the user more versatility when it comes to the location of the remote (great for lefties or those with lower mobility).

How to choose your champion

As you can  see, both models bring their own brand of spiciness to the table, making choosing which one best suits your needs a bit tough.  The C100 has the lower price tag going for it, while the C200 has a few more features.


When should you choose the C100?

You like the side control panel.

Hey, it isn’t for everybody, but some people actually prefer the side control panel.  Some like it’s look, some like the battery-less operation.  If the side control panel does it for you,  more power to ya.

You like the price

This is an obvious one, but if you aren’t willing to spend an extra $50-$100 (depending on where you buy it) on the C200’s few extra features, then the C100 should be your pick.


When should you choose the C200?

You like the look.

Not having a side control panel streamlines the look of the device.  Some find this extremely important, some don’t.

You like the remote.

Not only does it change the look of the bidet, it can also be much more functional.  Not having to turn your body to reach some of the C100’s buttons is wonderful, as it the ability to mount it anywhere you see fit.

You sometimes suffer from constipation.

The pulsating function the C200 has is wondrous for relieving constipation.  Give it a minute or two and feel it terminate those stubborn turds who thought they had a new, permanent home.

You want more control.

The five temperature settings the C200 provides for the seat, water and dryer give you more control.  For those of us that are a little more sensitive to temperatures, this is a gift from heaven.


In the end, the choice is yours.

Most people who purchase either model are extremely happy with their purchase – especially if this is their first bidet after years of crappy, dirty toilet paper use.  Either way you go, you’re making a good decision by getting rid of toilet paper and thus helping the planet, achieving better hygiene and feeling much more comfortable after going #2.

To further inform, check out our standalone C100 Review here!

Top 5 Ways to Effortlessly Upgrade Your Bathroom

You’ve decked out your living space in all the fineries you could possibly need.  An OLED TV, check; a badass blender with blades reconstituted from dragon teeth, check; a fabulous grill capable of tickling the fancy of a Viking lord of old, also, check.

Many times, the only room in our castles not getting its fair share of love is our throne room.  Now, why anyone would want to neglect the place where they feel relief, get clean and watch more cat gifs than in their office is beyond me.  This short list will hopefully inspire some of you to give your bathroom a desperately needed upgrade while not requiring hours of labor, sweaty construction workers (although we love our sweaty, nimble friends) or breaking the bank.

feel better while pooping

#1. A Bidet

Yeah, you guessed it.  How could bidets not fill the top spot on our list?  A device that not only chips away the nastiness of post-deucedom, but one that instills in its user a feeling of confidence, even on the hottest, muggiest of days.  This isn’t to mention the bidet’s uncanny ability to make house guests feel like giddy lil poopers as they use it and are subsequently wowed by the experience.

Home bidets come in all flavors: from inexpensive bidet attachments which simply bed down under your toilet seat and require nothing but a connection to your water supply to operate, to electric enchanters that not only look cutting edge, but have the suite of features to back up their looks.

These fully featured electric bidets will, in most cases provide most of these features: warm water with temperature control, adjustable pressure, adjustable nozzle position, feminine cleansing, oscillating cleaning function (the nozzle moves back and forth to cover a wider area), a slowly closing lid and seat to avoid that awful, loud banging, and a dryer.

If that doesn’t have you inhaling Metamucil, the features of the upper tier of electric bidets definitely will.  They come with deodorizers, bowl pre and post misting to deter the stickiest of turds from hanging on, UV lights to kill bacteria, silver nanoparticles on the nozzles to kill EVEN MORE bacteria, ambient noise generators to muffle your butt-trumpet and more.

A bidet not only transforms your toilet, it can truly bring your whole bathroom into the 21st century.

#2 A Better Shower HeadA better showerhead can transform your bathroom and shower

More than likely, you are still using the shower head that came with the shower (if not, congrats on being ahead of the curve here).  Most people never consider changing the shower head as it’s usually “good enough” to squeak by without pissing you off too much and drawing attention to itself as one of your bathroom’s weakest links.

Setups with a mounted, adjustable shower-head as well as a separate, handheld wand are quite popular options.  The mounted shower-head can continuously coat you with warm, liquid goodness while you take the fight to the areas that need it most with the handheld wand.

DreamSpa Instant-Mount Drill-Free Height / Angle Adjustable 36-Setting 3-Way Shower Head / Handheld Shower with 22-Inch Stainless Steel Slide Bar, Chrome Finish

Yes, that is an actual Amazon listing.  Incredible reviews, 36 freaking functions (well, more like 2 shower heads with 7 functions each, including a pause mode) and a  surprisingly affordable price.  Doesn’t that sound better than what is currently sputtering and unevenly spraying you every day?

Some functions these fancy-schmancy shower heads come packing are: misting spray, high pressure massage, rainfall mode, eco spray, pause mode, anti-microbial coatings, various combinations of the above listed, and yes, even more.

Don’t like the dual shower-head setup?  Why not opt for a larger, rainfall head?  These are best installed perpendicular to the ground and provide the same feeling as being caught in a downpour (minus your phone getting ruined, the cold and people laughing at you).

#3 A Body Monitor Scale

If you warped into your great grandma’s bathroom of the early 20th century, what kind of scale would she have?  If you answered, “Well, pretty much the same one I have!” then it’s time for a major upgrade.  The scale of the post WWI era can now measure more than just weight.  Plug in a few details about yourself, such as your gender and heightA bidy scanning scale can help you make better diet and exercise choices, and today’s scale can give you some interesting insight into your late night Doritos binging.  Fat %, BMI,  visceral fat (ft around your midsection that can squeeze the ever-loving life out of some very important organs if left to run rampant), and your body age.  Some scales even come with an app that can streamline track your data automatically.

These scales work by sending electrical pulses through your body (don’t worry, it isn’t like touching the dinosaur paddock in Jurassic Park) and using the time it takes to go from one sensor to the other.  Electricity moves more quickly through muscle than fat, so, the longer the signal takes, the higher the fat percentage.

While some of these measurements aren’t as accurate as going to a doctor and having measurements taken, these scales can still provide some worthwhile information.  For example, the body fat percentage is liable to give inconsistent readings if you’ve eaten, drank or shat since last using it.  However, this can easily be rectified by taking your body scan in the morning after your first pee or poo, before drinking or eating anything.  Having constant measuring conditions can give you a reliable measure of changes in body fat (if not an exactly accurate reading).

Overall, if you’re looking to shed some pounds, gain some muscle or just monitor some stats, an electronic body scanning scale is a wonderful way to step up your bathroom game.

#4 A Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser can spread microscopic oil particles throughout your room to leave a long lasting, pleasant scent

We all like to treat our noses to fine fragrances.  Heck, half the time I’m at home alone, sitting in sweatpants , I’ll put on some cologne just because I like the smell.

A bathroom is one of the last places you’d classify as pleasant-smelling.  When numerous heaters are being cranked out into the toilet each day, the post-shower smell of your favorite soap quickly becomes the odor of Le’Turd.  An essential oil diffuser can do yourself and others a great service by filling the room with something that DOESN’T smell like shit.

Essential oil diffusers fit into two main categories: ultrasonic or nebulizing.

An ultrasonic diffuser is essentially (tehehe) a humidifier that lets the oil hitch a ride on vaporized water particles. These diffusers will scentify the room they’re in for as long as they’re on and a little while afterwards.

A nebulizing diffuser is, like, totally way better.  It uses some fancy-pants physics to eject microscopic oil particles into the air which can stay suspended for hours.  In my case, my bathroom doesn’t need a humidifier, but does need something to make it smell less like the inside of a diaper after the toilet has been used.

Essential oils come in a variety of scents.  From the uber-refreshing, icy cool blast of peppermint oil to the zestiness of lemon and orange oils, there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy.


A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER that can resist water is a wonderful addition to any bathroom#5 A Bluetooth Shower Speaker

There’s an episode of the Flintstones where Fred hears Barney singing in the shower, his voice the deep, seductive baritone of a classic 50’s crooner.  We all sing better in the shower, and what could possibly help bring out our inner Clay Aiken than a speaker that won’t explode when wet?

Bluetooth speakers have been a staple of modern households for the last decade or so.  They provide a simple, convenient way to blast your tunes throughout your house without being tethered to massive, hard to move conventional speakers.  Bringing the ballads to the bathroom was the next logical step for those of us who never stop jamming.

A Bluetooth shower speaker can radically improve your morning.  Seriously.  Imagine taking a shower… Now imagine taking a shower with the Spice Girls in their prime.  Yeah, a Bluetooth shower speaker can do that.  These speakers not only liven up your showers, they can  also mask your farts!  About to drop a seismic booty bomb?  Pop on Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and enjoy the challenge of syncing your flatulence to the cannon fire.



Why Aren’t Bidets Popular in America?

What do Britpop, Marmite, meat pies and bidets all have in common?

America doesn't really like bidets... yet

Why does she only fall for the jerks?! Give a nice guy a chance!


If the title of this article didn’t tip you off, the answer is: all have had a tough time infiltrating the hearts, minds and souls of the American public.  Popular elsewhere, these wonderful (yes, you should try them if you haven’t) movements and products haven’t pulled a Beatles and taken root across the pond.

What gives?  How could you not want a clean ass?

Well, it has a lot to do with history.

First, I’ll hit you with the abridged bidet origin story: The bidet came about in France, with the first being used as early as 1710.  In fact, the word “bidet” is derived from a French word for a chunky little pony and the image of straddling one of those beefy guys is similar to the position assumed while polishing your derriere with a bidet.

A lady using an old-fashioned bidet.

Yeah, old-fashioned bidets don’t look fun.

Another fun fact regarding early bidets is that the OG bidet wasn’t confined to the bathroom.  This wasn’t due to rebellious, freedom-seeking bidets doing what they wanted, but because  chamber pots were mostly bedroom devices and early bathrooms lacked the plumbing required for a bidet to function.

As plumbing technology advanced, bidets and chamber pots made the migration out of the bathroom.  Probably the worst thing to happen for  those of us who enjoy pooping next to where we sleep.  On the other hand, probably the best thing to happen for those of us who aren’t gross.

Bidets gained a hand-pump which allowed for water to be sprayed at your ass in the middle of the 18th century.  This was much preferable to instead having to dunk your butt it in a small pool of water and get in there with your hands as remnants of your doo float around.

Sounds awesome. What went wrong?

Americans thought bidets were immoral and too sensual.

We just weren’t ready for bidets.

America, being born of Britain, had a natural disdain for all things French.  Uh oh.  This arose not from us initially thinking bidets themselves were disgusting (that came later), but from the puritanical hatred of the perceived hedonism of the French.  So, we inherited our initial distrust of  bidets from our British roots.  Pretty bloody unfair.  During World War II, American GIs in Europe were met with bidets in brothels.  Once they got home, another coat of scarlet paint was lathered onto the stigma against them.

After the war, most bathrooms weren’t designed with a bidet in mind.  Ever since then, even if the homeowner didn’t hold a grudge against bidets, the standard American bathroom has simply been too small to accommodate one.

Rear Wars: A New Hope

Arnold Cohen.  The inventor of our modern electric bidet seat and an American.  Surprised?

Arnold Cohen invented the modern bidet seat.

Truly, a great American inventor.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Cohen invented the modern bidet seat in the 1960s.  A seat capable of both washing and drying the tush was way ahead of its time as advertising the product to the prudish American public of the time was next to impossible.  Japanese toilet maker, TOTO jumped at the opportunity and bought Cohen’s design and have been making incredible bidet seats ever since.

Since then, bidets have slowly (like, super freaking slowly) started to spread across the U.S..  In 2006, the National Kitchen and Bath Association finally started to track bidet statistics and noted that in that year, 650,000 bathrooms were built with a bidet in the U.S..

Now, with more features, pricing options and wider availability, Americans are starting to accept bidets as an acceptable, cleaner way to do the doo.

Check out our guide to bidet attachments for affordable (think ~$50) bidet options as well as our picks for the best electric bidet seats under $300.  Happy bidet-ing!

Bidet Attachments – What are they?

Most people know what a bidet is, but what is a bidet attachment?

We can all agree that having a clean butt is exhilarating.  Walking, sitting, running, dancing, combing, eating, clapping, yawning – everything feels better with a hygienic heinie.

Bidets provide a way to keep your rear feeling as if you’ve just showered after every toilet-bound adventure.

Unfortunately, the high-tech, robotic, bordering on sentient toilet seat bidets popularized by Japan come at a price premium, with most worthwhile models costing $250 or more.

What if you don’t need a robot getting comfortable with your private areas?

What if all you want is a fresh fart canyon?

In that case, a bidet toilet attachment is exactly what you’re looking for.

Read on to learn the basics of what exactly a bidet toilet attachment is, and which ones are the best of the bunch.

A bidet attachment attached to a two-piece toilet

Bidet attachments LOVE your toilet.

Parts of a bidet attachment.

Bidet attachments are blissfully simple devices that – you guessed it – attach to your toilet.  They don’t replace your existing toilet seat; they instead make their new home in the area between your toilet seat and the rim of the toilet itself.

A bidet attachment will have a control panel on the right side (sorry, lefties!).

This will have a couple dials or a lever which you can use to control the water pressure, temperature and function (nozzle cleaning, feminine wash, rear wash).


Connected to the control panel is a thin plastic housing which is going to be nestled between your toilet seat and toilet rim.

This piece will have some form of mounting to attach it to your toilet.  Usually this means rotating or sliding plates that allow the unit to be easily connected to nearly any two-piece toilet.

It also contains the water connection from the control panel to the bidet nozzle, usually in the form of a very small hose.


Finally, we arrive at the stalwart workhorse of any bidet, the bidet nozzle.

Depending on which model you have, there will be either one or two nozzles (for front and rear washing).

Every mechanical bidet’s nozzle will automatically retract after use, with some also being self cleaning.

This means that when you stop the flow of water, the nozzle will retract into its housing to protect it from the ungodly fluids and particles that love to hang out in toilets.

The parts of a mechanical bidet.

The anatomy of a bidet attachment.

How does a bidet attachment work?

After reading the appetizer sections about the basics of mechanical bidets and their parts, we’re finally ready to dive into the main course, the bidet-mignon, if you will – actually using your new bathroom upgrade.

So, how do you use a bidet attachment?

  1. Mount your throne, for this is the first step to attaining cleanliness of the booty.
  2. Pinch a loaf, maybe two, weary traveler; for to become clean, you must first dirty thyself.
  3. When relieved of excess baggage (worry not, emotional baggage can also be shed here in this place of peace), peer to your right and lower thy gaze until the panel of impending purity enters your view.
  4. Manipulate the controls, select thy desired temperature (brace thyself if warmer waters are unavailable, for winter is coming to your southern kingdoms) and pressure.  Beware! Do not directly jump to the highest pressure setting; as the philosopher Epictetus once warned, “If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.”
  5. Adjust thyself to suitably align with the cleansing beam which comes forth from the noble nozzle of neatness. Be not afraid, this bodily adjustment may indeed need to be repeated several times within the same cleansing session, as some filthy, malicious particles will no doubt try to escape the reach of the waters of wellness at the outset.
  6. When thou hath been satisfactorily purified, engage in barter with the nearby roll of toilet paper.  Mayhaps one square will be adequate for drying?  Mayhaps two?  No matter, you have lessened the paper merchant’s power in this realm by reducing your kingdom’s need for his products.
  7. Stand proud and go forth, secure in the knowledge that you are fair, pure and unburdened by worry.

In other words, sit down, do your business, select the appropriate temperature and pressure, open the flow of water, adjust your rear to ensure the whole area gets sprayed, dry yourself off and get on with your day.

Ned Stark using a bidet attachment

Initially, Ned didn’t want the throne, but that’s nothing a bidet attachment couldn’t change.

How do you choose the right bidet attachment?

This section is going to be quite straightforward, as there really aren’t THAT many variables to juggle when it comes to bidet attachments.

  • Quality components

For me, the most important feature of any mechanical bidet is going to be the quality of its parts.  Look for bidet attachments that use ceramic and metal valves.

It is possible to find decent bidets with plastic valves (this Astor Bidet comes to mind), but I prefer the potential for true longevity offered by sturdier construction.

  • Warm water or nah

Jack Torrance frozen by cold water from a bidet.

All cold water and no warm water make Jack an uncomfortable boy.

When deciding between a bidet attachment that has warm water and one that doesn’t, consider these two factors:

Do you live in an area that has a true winter with very cold months?

Are you sensitive to cool or cold water? 

If you answered yes to either of those, you might want to seriously consider opting for a warm-water option.

Living in Michigan for most of my life, I can attest to the incredibly uncomfortable temperatures our cold water could reach during the winter.

If I had to spray my moneymaker with that level of hellish, numbing cold, I’d probably just go back to using toilet paper.  It’s sad, but true.

  • Will this bidet be used by any ladies

Unless you’re a dude who is living alone, consider getting a bidet attachment that features two nozzles.

One will be for the traditional rear cleansing, while the other will spray a gentler, more diffuse spray more forward for feminine cleaning.

It is great for everyday hygiene of the area as well as extremely nice to have during monthly periods.

That’s right, a bidet or a bidet attachment can help with the mess of monthly periods.

  • Lever or dial control

Dial operated mechanical bidet versus a lever operated mechanical bidet

Dial v Lever Operation

This is a minor variable and comes down to personal preference.

Do you want to control the water pressure and temperature with dials or a lever?

I prefer a lever because it streamlines the control panel, looks cooler (in my opinion) and feels better to use (also, only my opinion here).

Some prefer dials as they feel they have more control over pressure than with a lever, although I haven’t found this to be the case.

Some of the leading bidet attachments compared:

Astor Fresh Water BidetLuxe Neo 180Luxe Neo 320Superior Bidet Supreme
Ceramic Valves?No, plasticYesYesYes
Warm Water?NoNoYesYes
Feminine Cleanse?NoYesYesYes
Average Price~$30~$50~$70~$100

Take a look at our review of the Luxe Bidet Neo 320, my personal pick for the best bidet attachment, or feast your eyes on our expanding list of bidet attachment reviews.

Bidets and UTIs

Ahh, the dreaded UTI.  A burning, need-to-pee feeling, lower back pain, strange-smelling urine nightmare that will affect 50% of women during their lifetimes.

What is a UTI?

For those that are lucky enough not to have gotten one, UTI stands for urinary tract infection.  It is caused by bacteria entering the urethra (the tube your body uses to urinate) and creating an infection.  These bacteria can then spread farther, reaching the bladder and sometimes even the kidneys.

What are the symptoms?

  • Burning sensation while urinating.
  • An achy lower back/abdomen caused by the infection reaching the bladder and kidneys.
  • Fatigue and possibly fever.
  • Strange-smelling urine that looks as strange as it smells (dark, cloudy, sometimes bloody).
  • Needing to pee, but unable to produce much to alleviate the feeling.

How can UTIs be caused?

UTIs are most commonly caused by the bacteria from one’s own bum (E. coli is the most common UTI causing bacteria).  Traitors!  Women are often taught from a young age to wipe from the front to back after using the toilet, and for good reason; if you wipe from the rear to the front, you can easily introduce those sneaky butt-teria to the urethra.  With regards to the female genitals, this easy to remember rhyme can save you a lot of unnecessary woe, “Wipe away, shout hooray.  Wipe toward, prepare for horrific UTI causing bacteria to board”.

UTIs can also be caused by sexual activity as some bacteria that haven’t been able to enter the area can be delivered right to their easily infect-able destination.

Another relevant tidbit of UTI info regards the recurrence of the infection.  Most women will only have to deal with a UTI once.  However, nearly 20% of women suffer from reoccurring UTIs.
Some are unlucky enough to be plagued by a guerrilla group of bacteria that have established colonies beyond the reach of both medication (antibiotics) and the immune system.  These colonies can send out bacteria again and again, causing infections that blossom regardless of hygiene habits.

How are UTIs cured?

Most UTIs will be cured with antibiotics and taking extra care to maintain a thorough cleaning of the area after using the bathroom.

This is really the only truly effective method.  There is a lot of talk about a tannin in cranberries that can shut-down E. coli, but a recent (2012) review of 24 different studies on the efficacy of cranberries on UTIs did not note any significant improvement in patient condition.

How do bidets have anything to do with this?


Bidets do a superior job of removing bacteria from the anal and genital areas.  Imagine how clean you’d feel if you had poo all over your hands and were given a bunch of tissues to clean it with.  Now, water alone won’t be as effective as soap and water, but an article by The Atlantic points out the benefits of water alone, which are hardly insignificant.


Even more relevant is a study The Gerontologist ran that involved senior females at a senior care center. Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, PhD and James R. Biddison, BA conducted the study, titled “The potential of wash-and-dry toilets to improve the toileting experience for nursing home residents.” 

The results of their study were that the residents had a better bathroom experience (duh, bidets are pretty awesome) and “Bacterial content of urine decreased in the experimental group and increased in the comparison group during the trial.”


Decreasing the bacteria content of urine (essentially how much bacteria is in the urethra) can do wonders for shortening a typical UTI when combined with a doctor prescribed antibiotic, as the bacteria on-the-loose will have fewer reinforcements to draw from to prolong the infection.