Kohler K-5401 Veil Smart Toilet – The Whole Story

My favorite smart toilet by Kohler. What makes the K-5401 Veil smart toilet worth it?

When speaking of the Kohler K-5401 Veil, the first thing that will strike anyone is undoubtedly its look.

I mean, come on.

That’s a toilet that’s going to make your eye’s pop out, tongue loll out and a few involuntary AWOOOOGAs escape your lips.

Check the price of the Kohler Veil here.

Modern, sleek, sexy and clean, this high-end smart toilet checks all the right boxes when it comes to bringing your bathroom into the 21st century.

Much of this can be attributed to its tankless design – something we’ve seen more and more of in the last few years in both bidets and integrated toilets.

Essentially, the premium Kohler K-5401 draws the water directly from your water line and heats it instantly without the need to hold and heat it in a tank. The advantage of doing this?

There’s no risk of using all the tank’s heated water reserves, so you get unlimited warm water.

Gimme the features!

The next best thing about this magnificent porcelain monolith is the hefty features list.

The Kohler Veil packs a serious wallop when it flexes its feature list. Let’s see the rundown:

“Combining a stainless steel wand with both UV light and a spritz of electrolyzed water results in an unparalleled degree of cleanliness. “

  • Tankless, inline and instantaneous water heating allows for the minimalist look
  • .8 or 1.28 gallon flush options
  • Wand made of stainless steel for ultimate hygiene
  • UV and electrolyzed water system cleans wand thoroughly after each use
  • Both frontal and rear wash
  • Oscillating and pulsating cleanses as well as the ability to adjust the shape of the spray
  • Warm air dryer completely eliminates need for toilet paper
  • Deodorizer whisks away “the stank”
  • Auto raise and lower lid keeps your hands off the toilet
  • LED remote

To me, the most impressive features on the list work in concert to promote hygiene.
Combining a stainless steel wand with both UV light and a spritz of electrolyzed water results in an unparalleled degree of cleanliness. You could probably unscrew that sucker and use it as a straw (don’t try this, please).

All this paired with easy installation and looks that are sure to dazzle any beautiful-bathroom enthusiast make the Kohler an easy recommend.

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