Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid vs. Alpha Bidet GX Wave

New bidets from a new company. How do they compare?

Alpha Bidet is a relative newcomer to the game with only 5 years on the market and only recently really starting to gain traction with their newest lineup of bidets.

The Alpha Bidet GX Wave and the Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid are the lower and middle tiers respectively of Alpha Bidet’s lineup.

They both polish posteriors, but how do you determine which is the best choice for you?

To compare, let’s look at a few different facets of the bidets at hand:

  • The cost
  • Best features
  • Who is this bidet for?

Let’s start with the lower cost model first, the GX Wave.

The Alpha Bidet GX Wave and its side panel control.


The Wave GX comes in at $279 on Alpha Bidet’s website (although Amazon lists it a bit less expensive) a whole $50 cheaper than the iX Hybrid.

Best features

Alpha Bidet packed a worthy boatload of great features into the GX Wave. While not quite the ridiculous bang for buck you get with the TOTO C100 which is more expensive than even the iX Hybrid.

Here they are at a glance:

  • Stainless steel nozzle – much more hygienic than plastic and longer lasting.
  • Hybrid water heating system – “never cold” water. It may not stay as hot as you like, but it never actually gets cold, thank God – Northerners know the pain of that icy winter water
  • Decently powerful dryer – a bit more powerful than the average bidet seat, but still isn’t going to get you 100% dry in a quick minute. Pro-tip: give it a quick pass with toilet paper first to speed that process up.
  • Oscillating nozzle – for me, this is a huge feature. Instead of having to ride my toilet seat like a regular at the bare-ass underground bull-riding club to get full coverage of the Pookushima Exclusion Zone.
  • Pulsating cleanse – pulses water for a massaging effect. Really helps those with occasional constipation (but don’t ask me to get into why).
  • Child wash – goes through a full wash/dry cycle so that the kids can’t exert any artistic freedom with their hygiene.
  • LED night-light – Some might find this totally uncessary, but I love these. It really makes those late night safaris into the bathroom much more pleasant. More importantly (to me) is that is just makes your toilet seem as if it’s from the future. Yep.
  • Strong rear wash – this is a separate nozzle from the regular rear wash. It outputs much more water at higher pressure to make sure you absolutely sparkle.
  • Sittable lid – this lid can support up to 200lbs, so to those who frequently find themselves just sitting in the bathroom, this goes out to you. Also, this is something the iX Hybrid DOESN’T have!
  • Nails the basics – As with most bidet seats, the basics are hard to mess up. There’s adjustable water pressure, heated seats (adjustable), a feminine nozzle, and a slow-close lid.

Who is this for?

The Alpha Bidet GX Wave is a really good value.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the wondrous world of bidets and have been dreaming of truly clean butts, consider the Alpha Bidet GX Wave.

This can also be a great secondary bidet if you’ve already got one in your primary bathroom and want to spruce up the guest bathroom.

Onto the Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid.

The Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid and its remote control.


At $329 on Alpha Bidet’s website, you will be spending a reasonable premium to upgrade to this more advanced model (again, Amazon has a MUCH less expensive price point for this bad boy).

Best features

Let me start by saying the iX Hybrid has everything the GX Wave does except for the sittable lid and side panel control. If you really like that aesthetic, go for the GX.

What sets the iX Hybrid apart are:

  • Soft rear wash – an option for a softer, more dispersed stream – this is especially useful for those with painful hemorrhoids.
  • Blue LED night-light – yes, I think the blue is superior to the white. That’s just me, though.
  • Remote – this is a personal preference, but there are many who see having a remote as a step-up from a side panel. It can make the toilet more streamlined and prevent you from having to contort your wrist to reach the buttons.
  • Better water heating – endless warm water versus the “never cold” promise of the GX Wave. This alone may be worth the upgrade!

Who is this bidet for?

While the features that separate the iX Hybrid from the GX Wave aren’t overwhelming, the water heating method and the remote should be enough, in most cases, to convince one to upgrade.

This bidet is for those who want to take a full, first-step into the beautiful land of bidets without having to be quite as budget conscious. This is a great first bidet for a master bathroom.