TOTO S350/S550 Review

To our readers: The TOTO S350 is being discontinued shortly and will be replaced with the TOTO S550.  Both bidets come with all the same features, although the S550 has had a redesign (which I love) of both the washlet and the remote.  There have also been some slight changes under the hood, which I’ll get to later in the review.   As far as features go, however, you can consider this review applicable to both bidet models.

The King of Bidets?  Bow to the TOTO S550.

TOTO know a thing or two about making bidet toilet seats.  They coined the term “washlet” and were one of the first companies to start making electronic bidet seats which allow any toilet to evolve into a wondrous, ass-polishing throne.

The TOTO S550 is TOTO’s newest and most feature-packed bidet seat.

Having been in the bidet scene since its inception, TOTO have been steadily reworking their bidets to continually be at the forefront of bidet technology and trends.

Before we get into anything else, let’s take a peek a what’s going to immediately jump out as one of the more unique features of the S550: its Ewater+.

See up-to-the-minute pricing HERE.

What is Ewater+ and how does it set the S550 apart from other bidet seats?

Ewater+ is electrolyzed water which acts as a very effective cleaning and disinfecting solution.  According to Wikipedia, electrolyzed water is water which has had an electric current run through it.  Doing this produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which is apparently great at cleaning poo from toilet bowls.

The TOTO S550 will spray the bowl with a mist of Ewater+ as soon as you sit down as well as once you get up.  In practice, this keeps your bowl lookin cool, clean, and absent of little poop dudes.  Thank god for not having to reach for the dirty toilet bowl scrubber.

Also, the TOTO S550 will use this Ewater+ to clean the nozzle before and after each use.  Talk about clean!

Note: this solution is NOT used for cleaning YOU.  Just the toilet bowl and nozzle.

Next up on features unique to the TOTO S550 is its auto open and close lid.

This might not immediately seem like a feature that makes you think “Huh, I NEED that!” but after seeing it in action, I promise you, your mind is gonna change.

The auto-open and close of the TOTO S550 makes you feel like royalty as the seat invites you to take a seat, take a load off, drop a deuce, etc.

This is the last step in making the ancient human process of poopin’ totally hands-free.  No need to touch the seat, no need to wipe, no need to dry. 

Be confident that your phone most certainly WON’T be giving you pink-eye as long as the kids don’t get ahold of it.

Now, some have complained in the past about the S350’s auto open and close being a bit too sensitive and opening when someone simply walked past the bathroom.  The S550 has fixed this issue by making the sensor a little less sensitive and now opens only when you approach the front of your throne.

The TOTO S550 can be programmed to open the lid, or both the lid and seat automatically when you approach.  Also, if you’re a dude and only the lid opens and you don’t plan on taking a seat, a simple press on the remote can lift the seat as well.  This works in the opposite way as well, so the ladies can put just the seat down if both seat and lid are both left open.

The S550’s nightlight.  Not your typical glowing blue bowl.

The TOTO S550's nightlight emits a soft glow around your toilet.

Let there be light!

I should start this section by admitting that I love a glowing blue toilet bowl.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the feeling of being a futuristic Blade Runner about to “eliminate some replicants” (poop) or what, but those glowing blues just GET ME.

Despite all that, I love the S550’s nightlight.  It’s miles more practical than a glowing blue bowl, as it softly illuminates the area around the toilet.

Ok, how about the actual bidet features?

Well, in addition to the above features which are quite unique to the TOTO S550, this washlet also packs top-of-the-line cleaning and comfort features.

The bidet feature itself is totally customizable in terms of pressure, position and temperature. 

It also has a pulsating mode, oscillating mode and the option to switch the feminine cleansing from a narrow to a wide spray.

Also, the S550 packs one of the most effective warm air dryers around.  Like we said earlier, this helps provide a totally hands-free experience.

The new, slim remote

All of these functions work as you’d imagine – they get you clean and transform your daily booty-duty into an almost too-relaxing spa-like visit.

Now, TOTO has also made sure to make the use of the S550 as comfortable as possible.

Heated seats, a deodorizer and instantaneously heated water (no bulky, slow-heating reservoir here) make the S550 so comfortable and satisfying to use, you’re never going to want to leave your throne.

How is this thing different from the S350?

The Contemporary lid sports a smoother, more contoured appearance, whereas the Classic style leaves a small lip.

The Contemporary lid sports a smoother, more contoured appearance, whereas the Classic style leaves a small lip.

Glad you asked!

Perhaps the most striking difference is in appearance.

TOTO have given the S550 the option to be purchased in either the classic or contemporary style.

I much prefer the contemporary style, although your mileage may vary.

Also changed was the remote.  TOTO has made a much slimmer, easier to hold design.

As mentioned earlier, the internal sensors controlling the auto-open and close feature have been tweaked as to not be as sensitive as they were in the S350.  This works quite well and cuts down on unintentional openings of the lid/seat.

In addition, TOTO have done what they can to make the unit more energy efficient and better performing.  The heated seats will heat up significantly faster than those on the S350 and use less power in doing so.

In the end, the TOTO S550 is the best bidet by the best bidet company in the world.  If you truly want the best of the best, this is it.

An exceptionally clean, autonomous, customized cleaning experience each and every time you use it. 

I’ll leave you with this: Imagine waking up, the clock reads an annoying 5:25.  You need to go.  You get out of your cozy bed and make the short trek to the bathroom.  The walls are softly illuminated by the TOTO’s ever vigilant nightlight as the room is still dark in its predawn mystery.  The lid lifts itself up as you get near and you can almost hear it whisper “come hither, let go of the past”.

As the lid completes its ascent skyward, you sense exaltation in the air (or maybe it’s the Ewater+ premist?), an electric feeling runs down your spine. “Ah, hello again” you think to yourself.

You gaze into the completely white bowl and catch a glimpse of your reflection in the softly rippling water as the premist gently runs down the sides of the bowl, bringing with it a promise of eternal sanitation.  You come to realize you are a living, sovereign entity which has agency and the ability to change the world around you.

Finally, you sit.  The seat is warm, comforting, bringing the same womb-like calm and security as sleeping in the fetal position covered in down blankets on a crisp autumn night.

True, by Spandau Ballet starts playing… or does it?  Is it all in your head?  Nevermind.

You poop.

The deodorizer has been faintly, tenderly whirring since you took your seat, banishing your regrets and insecurities into the void of the vast, endless universe.

Feeling a sense of enormous well-being, you reach for the remote, “My scepter” you think, giggling quietly to yourself.

“Initiate cleaning” you whisper to no one as you press User Profile #1.  The TOTO S550 doesn’t judge.

Warm water greets you.  The oscillation function starts, adding its own reserved mechanical melody to the symphony of dripping water and the deodorizer’s indefatigable hum.

As the process nears its conclusion, you think about everything you’ve done to get here.  Everthing we’ve done.  Humanity.  Life.  Existence.

In the 13.7 billion year history of the universe, you exist at this moment.  Less than a flash, shorter than an instant.  This slice of reality is yours and you inhabit it fully although you sometimes waver about its importance; but in this moment you’re sure it has meaning.

The dryer turns on and strongly but oh-so-lightly pulls you back into the bathroom.

The warm air, grandma’s flower garden in the last month of summer.

You feel clean.  Not only physically.  You’re clean, you’re clean.

You regain your feet and head back to the bedroom.  You look back, unsure why.  You hear the deodorizer start its lazy return to “off”, accompanied by the familiar and satisfying hydraulic squirt and gurgle of the Ewater+ misting the bowl; ever cleaning, ever protecting.

As you slide back into bed to get that useless hour more of sleep, you feel the sheets regaining their warmth.  It’s pleasant.  Your eyes close with purpose only to open an hour later.

Somehow you don’t feel tired like you knew you would.  You feel alive.

TOTO C200 Review


How does the TOTO C100’s younger, more tech savvy brother -the TOTO C200- compare?

See up to the minute pricing on the C200 HERE.

The TOTO C200 has a lot in common with TOTO’s king-of-entry-level-bidets, the TOTO C100.

How similar ARE they?

The features the C200 shares with the C100 are exactly what makes the C100 (and therefore the C200) so great.  Features you would never expect in a budget-friendly bidet:

It has an amazing pre-mist function which makes your bowl a slip n slide for turds.  No more scraping off lil brownies from the sides of your toilet bowl.

There’s a deodorizer – erases all odorous evidence which makes it perfect for taking a stealthy dump while company is over.

The warm-air dryer allows you to have a totally hands-free experience.  That’s right, hands-free.  Sit down, do your business, push a button on the remote to clean, push another to dry, voila – you’re done.  No reaching down into the shadow realm to poke around a poopy hole above a fetid swamp of poopy water.  So much poop being avoided here, it’s really marvelous and my favorite thing about high-end bidets (especially those with budget friendly prices, like the C100/C200).

And of course, the standard bidet wash and the feminine frontal wash with the option to change the stream from wide to narrow, both with adjustable nozzle positions.

The TOTO C200 vs C100

So, am I paying more for the same bidet just with a remote?

Nearly!  But, not quite.

TOTO would (IMHO) be justified to simply pump out the same bidet, change the control panel for a remote and charge more.  Other companies have done it (and with a much higher $$$ premium for the simple luxury of having a remote), but TOTO has also added a pulsating/massage cleansing mode AND two custom user profiles to retain the perfect set of parameters for the ultimate booty cleanse every time.

TOTO made the C200 sleeker, sexier, and also more feature-packed than the C100, all for around $60 more than the C100. 

Some, ahem, OTHER companies have ONLY added a remote, yet upped the price by $100.

I give serious props to TOTO for their ability to produce a seriously well-built and endlessly functional bidet without giving into the easy temptation to gouge the customer’s wallet.

If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly bidet seat (or washlet, as TOTO calls them) with a remote, look no further than the TOTO C200, the king of sensible washlet upgrades.


The Best of Bio Bidet Bidets.

Bio Bidet has been hard at work.

Going from a minor blip on the bidet radar to a major player in just a few short years, Bio Bidet has rightfully garnered a die-hard following – much in part to their endless innovation.

What are Bio Bidet’s best bidets?

A8 Serenity

See up to the minute price here.

Bio Bidet’s newest bidet focuses on pleasing any posterior.

Adjust everything – Bio Bidet have really begun to differentiate themselves as the bidet maker for people who dig customization.

The A8 Serenity has all the features you’d expect of a high-end unit, such as adjustable nozzle positions, adjustable heating settings for the water, seat, and dryer as well as an eco-mode.

Some of its more premium features are a dual sided remote (which is actually pretty damn sexy, props to Bio Bidet), a stainless steel nozzle for added germ fighting capabilities and customization user profiles, so will never need to worry about that lil stream of water not being zeroed-in on Mt. Poopamanjaro.

What’s surprising about this bidet is the level of control the user has over features that haven’t previously been adjustable in other models.

The first is the dryer.  Not only are you able to change the temperature of the air, but you’re also able to adjust the power of the fans.

Next up is the water aeration.

Never before have we seen a bidet that lets you toggle the aeration of the water.

While we generally prefer aeration to be on for a more comfortable spray, turning it off offers a bit more power for those ultra nasty turds that just don’t wanna leave your loving embrace.

You are also able to play around with a few other features such as adjusting the night light (which lights up the whole bowl and looks super cool) and the chimes on the remote (or even turn them off completely).

With all that said, the A8 Serenity is Bio Bidet’s best bidet seat for those who are looking for a  totally tailored cleaning ass-perience.

Next up is the Bio Bidet entry level, budget bidet.

The Bio Bidet Slim ONE

See up to the minute price here.

This bidet seat is the best cheap bidet seat out there.

Usually, we wouldn’t recommend anything below $250, as the components and features are, to put it plainly, shit.

However, Bio Bidet was able to create a bidet seat that has more than adequate features as well as high durability.

The Bio Bidet Slim ONE has:

a stainless steel nozzle

front and rear cleansing

pulsating cleanse mode

nozzle oscillation as well as adjustable nozzle position

child mode

turbo mode (for those who really want to live)

a heated seat with adjustable temperature

adjustable water temperature

a nozzle cleaning mode

a night light

and finally, an energy saving eco mode.

Yeah, that’s right.  That is the features list for a bidet that costs less than a family dinner at Ruth’s Chris.

For this price point, there is nothing else I could possibly expect from an electric bidet seat.  The Bio Bidet Slim ONE ticks all the boxes.

TOTO C100 vs TOTO C200 – Head to Head

TOTO C100 v TOTO C200

Let’s get right to the good stuff with a chart which easily highlights the changes between the two bidets.

You can also jump to a hefty analysis of each bidet here:



Rear Cleanse
Soft Rear Cleanse
Front Cleanse
Oscillating Cleanse
Pulsating Cleanse
Water Temp. Settings53
Water Pressure Settings55
Adjustable Wand Position
Air Purifier/Deodorizer
Air Dryer
Air Temperature Control Settings53
Heated Seat
Heated Seat Temperature Controls53
Slowly Closing Seat/Lid
Seat Sensor
RemoteWall mountable/detached remote controlAttached side panel
Removable Lid
Wand Cleaning Mode
Self Cleaning Wand

If you’re anything like me, one of the first bidet brands you came across was the grandfather of bidets – TOTO, from Japan (electronic bidet seats are commonly referred to as washlets in Japan and elsewhere – after TOTO coined the term).

Likewise, you probably stumbled upon two of their most popular models, the TOTO C100 and the TOTO C200 and wondered how they compare.

This post is going to dive into the chamber of the TOTOs and find out what makes each one tick, and how they differ.  I’ll also lay out a guide so you can easily choose which TOTO to give the honor of cleaning your bum to.

The Contenders

The TOTO C100 with attached panel control.

The TOTO C100 with attached panel control.

The TOTO C100 (see current price HERE)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the battle of the bidets!  Our first contestant hails from Japan.  The TOTO C100 is TOTO’s most popular model.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, this heavyweight turd-basher brings out the best of Japanese engineering with its feature list and streamlined shape.

The C100 packs as many features into its frame as an international drug smuggler packs narcotics into their heinie.

  • Premist spray – readies the bowl for the deluge of turd it’s about to receive by automatically spraying a fine mist on the inside of the bowl as soon as you sit down..  This will keep those pesky lil’ Klingons from taking up residence on the inside of the bowl.
  • Adjustable front and rear cleansing – Adjust the position of the cleaning wand to effectively squirt where squirting is needed.  Rear for all, front for feminine cleansing.
  • Oscillating stream – The wand will move back and forth while spraying.  For both rear and frontal cleansing, enable the oscillating function to clean a wider area and weed out the fugitive poo that is hiding just out of reach.
  • Three water temperature settings – Never gets TOO hot, so no worries there.
  • Three heated seat temperature settings – Like the water, none of the settings are uncomfortable, so find the setting that’s right for you.
  • Air dryer (three temp. settings) – A slow, but functional dryer for those of us with a bit of patience.
  • Deodorizer – Automatically engages a fan when you sit down which pulls the air from inside the bowl (the foulest of air, ew) through an activated carbon filter to remove the nasty shit-stench

All of these functions are accessible on a side-panel control which is attached to the right side of the bidet (as you’re sitting on it).  This can work to its advantage as the control panel is attached to the bidet, and therefore, can never get lost OR run out of batteries.

The TOTO C200 with remote control operation.

The TOTO C200 with remote control operation.

The TOTO C200 (see current price HERE)

Our second contestant also hails from the land of the rising sun (duh).  The C100’s younger brother, the C200 is out for blood after being relentlessly bullied from elementary to high school by his older sibling.
Sporting a more streamlined look
, this 15 pound bruiser is looking to oust the reigning champ.

In addition to all the features the C100 has, the C200 has a few more tricks up its nozzle.

  • Pulsating spray – The biggest bonus function the C200 has is the pulsating spray.  This can be used with frontal and rear cleaning.  This mode is great for those suffering from constipation, as the massaging sensation can loosen up your trap door and help them logs slide right on out.
  • Five water temperature settings – That’s right folks, FIVE.  Finding that none of the three temps offered by the C100 are quite right?  Ok, Goldilocks, I suggest you take a seat on the C200 and see if that doesn’t tickle your fancy.  Note: Both models feature a highest temperature setting of 104 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the C200 offers a lower lowest temperature setting at 86 degrees Fahrenheit while the C100’s temps start at 95 degrees.
  • Five heated seat temperature settings – Yep, more seat heats as well!  The C200 offers a maximum temperature of 97 degrees whereas the C100’s maximum temp is 95 degrees.  Both have a minimum temp of 82 degrees.
  • Five dryer temperature settings – Ok, ok, ok.  This must be getting boring, but it’s worth mentioning.  Five is more then three!  More customization is always welcome. The temperatures are the same, but the C200 offers more increments from the minimum 104 to maximum 140 degrees.

All these functions are controlled by a separate remote control that can be mounted on the wall in the included holder.  Perhaps the biggest difference between these two bidet-seats, a remote control offers the bidet a more streamlined look, as well as offering the user more versatility when it comes to the location of the remote (great for lefties or those with lower mobility).

How to choose your champion

As you can  see, both models bring their own brand of spiciness to the table, making choosing which one best suits your needs a bit tough.  The C100 has the lower price tag going for it, while the C200 has a few more features.


When should you choose the C100?

You like the side control panel.

Hey, it isn’t for everybody, but some people actually prefer the side control panel.  Some like it’s look, some like the battery-less operation.  If the side control panel does it for you,  more power to ya.

You like the price

This is an obvious one, but if you aren’t willing to spend an extra $50-$100 (depending on where you buy it) on the C200’s few extra features, then the C100 should be your pick.


When should you choose the C200?

You like the look.

Not having a side control panel streamlines the look of the device.  Some find this extremely important, some don’t.

You like the remote.

Not only does it change the look of the bidet, it can also be much more functional.  Not having to turn your body to reach some of the C100’s buttons is wonderful, as it the ability to mount it anywhere you see fit.

You sometimes suffer from constipation.

The pulsating function the C200 has is wondrous for relieving constipation.  Give it a minute or two and feel it terminate those stubborn turds who thought they had a new, permanent home.

You want more control.

The five temperature settings the C200 provides for the seat, water and dryer give you more control.  For those of us that are a little more sensitive to temperatures, this is a gift from heaven.


In the end, the choice is yours.

Most people who purchase either model are extremely happy with their purchase – especially if this is their first bidet after years of crappy, dirty toilet paper use.  Either way you go, you’re making a good decision by getting rid of toilet paper and thus helping the planet, achieving better hygiene and feeling much more comfortable after going #2.

To further inform, check out our standalone C100 Review here!

SmartBidet SB-110 Review

The SmartBidet SB-110 Review

The Basics|The Features|The Pros|The Cons|Final Thoughts

SmartBidet has streamlined their look without compromising features in this exceptional addition to their ranks.

The SB-110’s current price and more photos here.

Learns when to save powerCan't turn off heated seat/water
Unique bowl premisting functionLarge tank reservoir
Price is rightLid is too weak to sit on

First, the basics:

  • This is a bidet seat, so it will be replacing your old toilet seat.  Find a place to toss that thing because you’re never going back to it.
  • It is electric, so you will need access to a power outlet (three pronged).
  • It comes in only the elongated size, so be sure that your toilet bowl depth is at least 20 inches.
  • Comes in white.
  • You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver (and possibly a flat-head screwdriver, depending on how your old toilet seat is mounted) for installation.
  • All other installation components are included.
  • The control panel on the side of the unit controls all functions.
  • The nozzle self-cleans and retracts after each use.
  • Nozzle cap can be removed for easier, more thorough cleaning.
  • The water is heated instantly, as there is no reservoir.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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The features:







  • Rear cleanse
    • Your typical bidet function.
  • Front cleanse 
    • For feminine cleaning.
  • Turbo cleanse
    • Nearly enema-level pressure.  This is for when you need to really blast the undercarriage.
  • Oscillating cleanse 
    • Available for rear, front and turbo cleansing functions.
    • The wand will move back and forth while spraying, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Kids’ mode
    • Automatically runs the rear wash for 30 seconds followed by a minute of the dryer.
    • Nozzle position, water pressure and dryer temp are all toned down a bit to suit a child.
  • Warm-air dryer
  • Five settings for water pressure
  • Wand position adjustment 
    • So you don’t have to move on the seat as much to get a thorough cleanse.
  • Slowly closing seat and lid 
    • The lid won’t slam shut, but rather slowly close.
  • Heated seat and water with three temperature options for each
  • Quick release seat for easy cleaning 
    • Flip a switch on the rear and pull the unit off to clean it/underneath it.
  • Self-cleaning wand 
    • Cleaned before and after each use.
  • Eco mode
    • Will lower the temperature of the reservoir tank and the seat while not in use.
  • Seat sensor 
    • Won’t activate any of the features unless there is a booty on the bidet.
    • Useful for curious kids and house guests.
  • Wand cleaning mode




The control paneel of the SmartBidet SB-110

The SB-110’s panel and its beautiful bounty of features.



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The Pros:

  • Full suite of features.
    • SmartBidet have crammed features up the wazoo of the SB-110.  All of them are useful and everything works as you’d hope.
    • The oscillate feature is especially nice.  Being able to combo it with any other wash function is a major win.
    • The turbo function is actually quite powerful and is just a few PSI away from an enema.  Recommend for those with especially messy bathroom sessions.
  • Instant water heating system.
    • A fantastic feature that provides instant, unlimited warm water directly to ya bum.  Usually found in higher priced units, seeing this in an entry-level bidet seat is wonderfully surprising.

      A picture of the SB-110's replaceable nozzle cap.

      With a replaceable cap, the SB-110 is easier to clean and maintain.

  • Replaceable nozzle cap.
    • Just twist the cap and pop it off.
    • This makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.
  • Durable construction.
    • SmartBidet have forged a herculean bidet seat, one that can accommodate up to 440 pounds.
    • Everything else feels very sturdy and built to last as well.
  • Clean look.
    • The SB-110 was the first of SmartBidet’s attempts to redesign their bidet seats.  Previously,  their models looked quite utilitarian.  Thankfully, the new design looks sleeker and more modern.
  • Great customer service.
    • With any product, there will be reports of users experiencing some defective units.  While this isn’t good (obviously), the SmartBidet team has been quick to respond with replacements at no cost.

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The Cons:

  • Smaller seat opening.
    • The bidet seat will be a bit smaller than your old seat in regards to the opening.  This might be problematic for larger users.
  • Water heater can be a little erratic.
    • While it functions well 90% of the time, the water heater can sometimes provide  dips in temperature.  While not a huge problem, it can be slightly annoying.
  • No pulsating/massage cleanse.
    • I’ve grown to really like this feature, as have many others who suffer from hemorrhoids and/or constipation.

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Final Thoughts:

Another fine Korean bidet seat.  Coming from a country where bidets are the norm, the SmartBidet SB-110 provides nearly everything you could want from a bidet.  For the price, SmartBidet have created a super product that should please nearly anyone.

Unless you are unwilling to go without a deodorizer and pulsating function, consider the SmartBidet SB-110 as one of the front-runners in the budget bidet realm.

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Buy the SmartBidet SB-110 HERE.

BioBidet Aura A7 Review

The BioBidet Aura A7

The least expensive electric bidet seat offering from BioBidet.  How does it stack up?

Check out the Aura A7’s price and more photos.

Price to feature ratio is extremely highLid is flimsy and can't be sat on
Lots of attention to appearanceMight encounter rare issue with lid not fully opening on some toilets
Seat can support up to 400 pounds
Two savable user profiles

The Basics|The Features|The Pros|The Cons|Final Thoughts

 First, the basics:

  • This is a bidet seat, so it will be replacing your old toilet seat.
  • It is electric, so you will need access to a power outlet (three pronged).
  • Only available in elongated size, with no round size available.
  • It comes in white only.
  • You will need a phillips-head screwdriver (and possibly a flat-head screwdriver, depending on how your old toilet seat is mounted) for installation.
  • All other installation components are included.
  • The Animated Response LED Side Panel (the attached remote) controls all functions.
  • The stainless steel nozzle self-cleans and retracts after each use.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option for a six-year extended warranty.

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The features:




  • Stainless steel nozzle (looks nice and gives the impression of something that will last)
  • Oscillating (the nozzle moves back and forth for a more thorough cleansing without having to shimmy your bum around. Available for both rear and front cleaning by pressing the respective button twice)
  • Wide cleaning (this is just referring to the oscillating feature.  Not sure why BioBidet has listed these as separate…)
  • Pulsating (same as the massage cleaning.  I’m not sure why BioBidet listed these as two separate features.  There is only a ‘massage’ button, nothing on the control panel suggests a hidden pulsate feature.  Maybe just trying to pad their list of features?)
  • Massage cleaning (a rhythmic pulsating stream of water which is actually quite nice. As mentioned above, this IS the pulsating feature that is listed)
  • Satisfying posterior cleaning (yes, it is indeed satisfying)
  • Soft feminine cleaning (a more gentle cleansing from the front-most nozzle on the cleansing wand)
  • Adjustable nozzle (five different positions)
  • Nozzle self-clean (before and after cleansing)
  • Auto wash (20 seconds each of standard, oscillating and finally massaging sprays)
  • User controlled warm water (three levels of heat as well as the ability to turn it completely off(!))
  • Animated Response LED Side Panel (admittedly cool. Pulsates as cleansing is engaged and gives the toilet a futuristic quality)
  • User presets (two seperate profiles that save the wand position and pressure, although not the seat or water temperature)
  • Adjustable heated seat (three levels of heat as well as the ability to turn it completely off(!))
  • Night Light (a very nice, blue light that illuminates the bowl so you can easily find your way to the toilet at night)
  • Intelligent body sensor (a sensor on the seat that recognizes if someone is on the toilet or not.  The toilet won’t function if nobody is sitting on it.  Great for deterring kids from playing with the sprays)
  • Splash guard (this is simply the retractable nozzle which keeps soiled water from coming into contact with it)
  • Slow closing seat/lid
  • Quick release for easy cleaning (small switch on the side off the bidet enables it to be painlessly removed and then reattached)
  • Eco mode (sets the water and seat temps to low)
  • Silent mode (this refers to the beeps that are made when using the control panel. You have the option to turn these off)
  • Hide away hose clips (clips the water and power cables together and close to the unit to give it a cleaner profile)



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The Pros:

  • High price-performance ratio.
    • The number of features for its price is impressive.
    • Some features (like user profiles and the ability to turn the heating elements off) actually aren’t found in many higher-priced bidet seats.
  • Sleek look.
    • What sets BioBidet products apart from many other brands is the attention spent on design.
      • The lid covers the whole unit and gives the appearance of one piece, instead of being broken up into the reservoir and the rest of the unit.
    • The side control panel also has some curves to it, so it more seamlessly blends with the rest of the unit.
    • The blue night light and lighted side control panel are nice touches and really modernize your toilet.
  • Very easy to install.
    • As with most bidet seats, it isn’t hard to install this, but it is still worth mentioning.
  • The unit is very durable.
    • BioBidet rates their seats as being able to accommodate up to 400 pounds for 20,000 uses.
    • All the connections and components are made to last (that stainless steel wand really makes this unit seem tough)
  • A year-long manufacturers warranty.
    • Again, most bidet seats have this but it is nice to know you’re protected for a year if something goes awry.

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 The Cons:

  • Depending on your toilet shape, the lid may not be able to open fully.
    • The slick, one-piece look of the unit may have issues with some toilets.  If your toilet tank curves outwards at all, or if you position the unit too far back, the seat might be blocked from fully opening.
    • BioBidet have a good guide on their website as to which kinds of toilets are compatible. A and B are ok, but not C.
  • Somewhat weird Amazon presence.  I found their list of features misleading as some singular features were mentioned twice by two different names.  This may or may not be intentional (I’d wager it was just along the lines of a typo), just a small gripe which might confuse your average consumer (it certainly confused me!).

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Final Thoughts:

If you aren’t concerned with a dryer or deodorizer, by all means, grab this bidet seat.  It has all the essential functions such as hot water, an adjustable, self-cleaning nozzle and exceptional durability that you should look for.  The bidet function itself works perfectly, the LED lighting on the control panel and the blue night light are nice touches, and it is one of the more stylish looking bidets (even outside this price range).

Take a peek at some nice, high res photos of the beautiful Aura A7 here.

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