BioBidet Aura A7 Review

The BioBidet Aura A7

The least expensive electric bidet seat offering from BioBidet.  How does it stack up?

Check out the Aura A7’s price and more photos.

Price to feature ratio is extremely highLid is flimsy and can't be sat on
Lots of attention to appearanceMight encounter rare issue with lid not fully opening on some toilets
Seat can support up to 400 pounds
Two savable user profiles

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 First, the basics:

  • This is a bidet seat, so it will be replacing your old toilet seat.
  • It is electric, so you will need access to a power outlet (three pronged).
  • Only available in elongated size, with no round size available.
  • It comes in white only.
  • You will need a phillips-head screwdriver (and possibly a flat-head screwdriver, depending on how your old toilet seat is mounted) for installation.
  • All other installation components are included.
  • The Animated Response LED Side Panel (the attached remote) controls all functions.
  • The stainless steel nozzle self-cleans and retracts after each use.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option for a six-year extended warranty.

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The features:




  • Stainless steel nozzle (looks nice and gives the impression of something that will last)
  • Oscillating (the nozzle moves back and forth for a more thorough cleansing without having to shimmy your bum around. Available for both rear and front cleaning by pressing the respective button twice)
  • Wide cleaning (this is just referring to the oscillating feature.  Not sure why BioBidet has listed these as separate…)
  • Pulsating (same as the massage cleaning.  I’m not sure why BioBidet listed these as two separate features.  There is only a ‘massage’ button, nothing on the control panel suggests a hidden pulsate feature.  Maybe just trying to pad their list of features?)
  • Massage cleaning (a rhythmic pulsating stream of water which is actually quite nice. As mentioned above, this IS the pulsating feature that is listed)
  • Satisfying posterior cleaning (yes, it is indeed satisfying)
  • Soft feminine cleaning (a more gentle cleansing from the front-most nozzle on the cleansing wand)
  • Adjustable nozzle (five different positions)
  • Nozzle self-clean (before and after cleansing)
  • Auto wash (20 seconds each of standard, oscillating and finally massaging sprays)
  • User controlled warm water (three levels of heat as well as the ability to turn it completely off(!))
  • Animated Response LED Side Panel (admittedly cool. Pulsates as cleansing is engaged and gives the toilet a futuristic quality)
  • User presets (two seperate profiles that save the wand position and pressure, although not the seat or water temperature)
  • Adjustable heated seat (three levels of heat as well as the ability to turn it completely off(!))
  • Night Light (a very nice, blue light that illuminates the bowl so you can easily find your way to the toilet at night)
  • Intelligent body sensor (a sensor on the seat that recognizes if someone is on the toilet or not.  The toilet won’t function if nobody is sitting on it.  Great for deterring kids from playing with the sprays)
  • Splash guard (this is simply the retractable nozzle which keeps soiled water from coming into contact with it)
  • Slow closing seat/lid
  • Quick release for easy cleaning (small switch on the side off the bidet enables it to be painlessly removed and then reattached)
  • Eco mode (sets the water and seat temps to low)
  • Silent mode (this refers to the beeps that are made when using the control panel. You have the option to turn these off)
  • Hide away hose clips (clips the water and power cables together and close to the unit to give it a cleaner profile)



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The Pros:

  • High price-performance ratio.
    • The number of features for its price is impressive.
    • Some features (like user profiles and the ability to turn the heating elements off) actually aren’t found in many higher-priced bidet seats.
  • Sleek look.
    • What sets BioBidet products apart from many other brands is the attention spent on design.
      • The lid covers the whole unit and gives the appearance of one piece, instead of being broken up into the reservoir and the rest of the unit.
    • The side control panel also has some curves to it, so it more seamlessly blends with the rest of the unit.
    • The blue night light and lighted side control panel are nice touches and really modernize your toilet.
  • Very easy to install.
    • As with most bidet seats, it isn’t hard to install this, but it is still worth mentioning.
  • The unit is very durable.
    • BioBidet rates their seats as being able to accommodate up to 400 pounds for 20,000 uses.
    • All the connections and components are made to last (that stainless steel wand really makes this unit seem tough)
  • A year-long manufacturers warranty.
    • Again, most bidet seats have this but it is nice to know you’re protected for a year if something goes awry.

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 The Cons:

  • Depending on your toilet shape, the lid may not be able to open fully.
    • The slick, one-piece look of the unit may have issues with some toilets.  If your toilet tank curves outwards at all, or if you position the unit too far back, the seat might be blocked from fully opening.
    • BioBidet have a good guide on their website as to which kinds of toilets are compatible. A and B are ok, but not C.
  • Somewhat weird Amazon presence.  I found their list of features misleading as some singular features were mentioned twice by two different names.  This may or may not be intentional (I’d wager it was just along the lines of a typo), just a small gripe which might confuse your average consumer (it certainly confused me!).

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Final Thoughts:

If you aren’t concerned with a dryer or deodorizer, by all means, grab this bidet seat.  It has all the essential functions such as hot water, an adjustable, self-cleaning nozzle and exceptional durability that you should look for.  The bidet function itself works perfectly, the LED lighting on the control panel and the blue night light are nice touches, and it is one of the more stylish looking bidets (even outside this price range).

Take a peek at some nice, high res photos of the beautiful Aura A7 here.

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